Zhao Says NATO Should Have Been Disbanded in 1991

Sino-Friendship is Magic

Zhao Lijian is China’s Troll-in-Chief. This role he’s taken on and played so well demonstrates that China has really started to understand how to interact with the West. He says purposefully provocative things constantly, which are also true.

The Jews are currently obsessed with trying to get him banned from Twitter, because his Twitter is lit*.

China has been too polite and too trusting for too long. Zhao is a part of a group that Chinese social media calls “Wolf Warrior Diplomats,” which are people sent out into the world to deal with it in a much more direct way than is the traditional Chinese manner. Wang Yi is also a part of this group, but he’s too old to be a troll, and he doesn’t speak English.

Zhao’s latest statements are hilarious and very true.

(This is what trolling is supposed to be – saying true things in a shockingly direct manner.)


China believes NATO should have been dissolved after the USSR, which it was created to contain, no longer existed, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said. Instead, it expanded and cornered Russia, triggering bloodshed in Ukraine, Zhao said.

As a product of the Cold War, NATO should have become history when the Soviet Union disintegrated,” he said during a daily press conference on Friday, when asked about remarks on NATO’s role as a US geopolitical tool made by his Russian counterpart, Maria Zakharova.

Zhao said that NATO expanded eastwards in Europe for decades, in violation of promises made to the Soviet leadership. This pushed Russia “into a corner step by step,” so ultimately, NATO was “the initiator and biggest promoter of the Ukraine crisis” on behalf of the US, he stated, adding that the organization should reflect on what its contribution to European security is.

Moscow cited the threat posed by NATO’s creeping expansion into Ukraine as a key reason why it attacked the country in late February. Beijing agreed with the justification, even as it criticized the use of military force as the method of resolving the situation.

China has repeatedly accused Western nations of escalating tensions with Russia, saying their refusal to address Moscow’s legitimate security concerns was the cause of the crisis. It refused to join in with the sanctions on Russia, calling them illegal and incapable of resolving problems.

The US and its allies accused China of being on the “wrong side of history” in Ukraine, threatening Beijing with punishment should it support the Russian military campaign.

Russia has now demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc.

NATO after 1991 is like if a UFC fighter wins a match and then he says “it’s not over yet” and jumps out into the audience and starts beating up his opponent’s wife and children.

Donald Trump of course ran on defunding NATO.

The narrative being spewed by the Western media right now is such garbage it’s hardly even believable. After Russia invaded the Ukraine, the media says “see – this is why NATO exists!” But… the only reason Russia invaded the Ukraine is because of the actions of NATO.

It’s like if you owned an RPG and kept it in your garage and everyone was asking you “why do you have that RPG in your garage?” and you were like “I need it for home defense.” Then one day you shot the RPG at your neighbor’s house and he started yelling at you, and you were like “see, this is why I need an RPG – my neighbor is a threat to my safety! Look at him over there yelling!”

China saying outright that this situation is the West’s fault is a big deal, and it’s a much better strategy than just trying to be polite to everyone.

As the graphs Zhao posts demonstrate – the majority of the world is not interested in joining the West’s moral panic.

“Yes, we all wish things were peaceful, but NATO started this fight and I don’t know what you expected Russia to do” is the exact correct response for China to have.

The whole world can see that this is true, and given that China is a very big and very powerful country, them saying this aloud allows other countries to do the same.

I think the most interesting thing right now is what is going to happen between India and China.

They’ve been in talks. They are both siding with Russia, point blank. I’ve been watching Indian TV, and Indians are definitely not stupid. I think people might mistake goofiness with stupidity. Or people see all of the third world problems that India has, and don’t realize that it is a country with a class system, so the people making the decisions are not the same ones swimming in filthy rivers and defecating in the streets.

I don’t think India is stupid enough to get sucked into some kind of US scam of “oh, we’ll help you against China.” That was working before, and Indians definitely don’t like the Chinese, but at this point, the idea that an alliance with America is safer than joining a bloc with China is absurd. China has made a point for decades now of very strictly following international treaties, whereas the US has demonstrated that they do not believe they have any obligation at all to do anything.

This video Zhao posted sums up the American government’s attitude towards the world:

“We’re just going to do whatever we want to anyone” is not really a position that the US government is in a position to take anymore, and yet, they are continuing to take that position.

This “right side of history” morality campaign to sanction the entire world is something that only people soaking in the ooze of Western media could ever see as anything other than madness.

Sergei Lavrov went to China this week. Along with meeting with Chinese officials, he met with a Pakistani delegation to discuss Afghanistan.

While Lavrov was visiting, Wang Wenbin said that “China-Russia cooperation has no limits.”

He is in India now.

Everything is going very well for Russia and China; America is effectively attacking itself.

India has issues not only with China, but also with Pakistan, which is an ally of China. But again: Indians are not stupid, and they are doing the calculus here.

The dollar’s collapse is now a looming reality, and it’s just a matter of how the US lunatics respond to this situation.


My only criticism of his Twitter feed is that there are too many retweets in foreign languages. He should focus on English language trolling on Twitter.

I think the videos and images he posts of cool stuff from China are enough flavor to mix it up, but scrolling his feed I’m just looking for his tweets, not retweets in languages I don’t read.

It’s especially fun when he posts cool scenes from Xinjiang, like “nigga, there ain’t no oppression out here. We just chilling.”

I get that he’s a spokesman, but maybe he should have separate personal and spokesman accounts.