Zelensky’s Price Hike: Gasoline Prices Pass All Time High Yet Again

My main question is this: what do people think this beady-eyed little man is so busy doing all day that he doesn’t have time to put a shirt on? And if he actually does have time to put a shirt on, and this is a marketing gimmick, then what does it say that this man is engaged in such low-level manipulative marketing against the global population?

Remember what the Jews told you: every time you’re paying some backbreaking, extreme amount for gas, say “I’m sticking it to Putin.”

You only exist for the purpose of working to defend the sacred borders of the Ukraine. That is the entire purpose of your life. You are literally an insect, a mere cog in the machine that is the defense of Ukraine democracy. You have zero right to question whether sanctions work or why it falls on you personally to sacrifice your life for some country you can’t find on a map.

It’s already been decided.


The cost of gasoline at petrol stations across the United States hit a new all-time record on Friday, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

The average retail cost of a gallon of gas (3.785 liters) jumped to $4.432, the AAA, which tracks prices at more than 60,000 gas stations across the country, said.

The highest gasoline prices in the country have traditionally been found in the state of California, where motorists will have to pay an average of $5.872 per a gallon of fuel.

Gasoline prices in the US have been steadily rising throughout the week. The increase comes against the backdrop of rising global oil prices, with attempts by the White House to counter them failing.

The cost of global benchmark Brent crude futures rose to $109.97 per barrel around 13:45 GMT in Friday trading, gaining 2.35%. The US crude benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) gained some 2.5%, climbing to $108.78 per barrel.

People on both sides of this issue are lying.

The Republicans are pro war with the Ukraine. Virtually all of them voted for the $40 billion to pay for not just weapons, but “food security” and basically everything else in the Ukraine. So they are claiming that this gas price spike is not the result of the sanctions.

Biden was claiming that it was the result of the sanctions, and that the American people would really have to suffer a lot in order to save child anal rimjobs (male – five years old) in the Ukraine from big meanie-head Putin. Now Biden is claiming that the oil companies are greedy and the price rises are a result of an illegal price-gouging operation. Of course, if he named anyone specifically doing this, he could be sued.

The truth is: the price was definitely rising before the Jewnited Snakes government declared war on Russia, but the massive jump in recent months is a result of the war effort.

This can’t actually be controversial; it’s just what happened.

It was $2.40 when Biden took office, 13 months later it was $3.40, then in a few days after Biden started this war it went up to $4.40. They were able to push it back down to around $4 after people started complaining about it, but now it’s going back up, surpassing the high hit after the war declaration.

Probably, this current rise is no longer related to the sanctions. I think we’ve just resumed the process of continually rising prices that was already happening. In the long run, we are going to pay a 30% tax on everything as a result of the war effort.

Because it isn’t just gas – a gas hike is an “everything tax.” Because everything is delivered using gas. So food has also jumped about 30%. The rest of it is mostly just the 17% inflation, which will continue indefinitely as a result of lunatic money printing. It will probably continue to rise as well, but even if it settled at 17%, it is exponential.

It’s probably time to ask two questions:

  • How much are the American people willing to sacrifice for Judeo-anal-Nazi Democracy in the Ukraine?
  • How much is the US government demanding that the American people sacrifice for Judeo-anal-Nazi Democracy in the Ukraine?

Figure out answers to those questions, then compare the answers. I’m really very sure that however much the American people are willing to sacrifice for this bizarre Jew project in the former USSR, it is less than the US government is asking them to sacrifice. The US government has said that they are willing to see America nuked in order to continue this strange project.

Aside from Jews, some percentage of stupid whores, and Lindsey Graham, Dan Crenshaw, and other homosexual GOP members, I don’t think anyone in America is willing to be nuked for gay pride marches, neo-Nazi torture dungeons, or Hunter Biden bio-labs in the Ukraine.

Frankly, if we were allowed to vote on these things, I don’t think Americans would agree to pay a 30% tax on all consumer goods in order to “stick it to Putin.” I just can’t comprehend why anyone would care about this conflict in the Ukraine, other than that the Jews said caring about it makes them a good person. In reality, things are tough all over. America has been funding a much more brutal war in Yemen for years now.

You’re not seeing scenes like this from the Ukraine:

Again, this is a war the Jewnited Snakes is supporting against a totally helpless civilian population, where the main weapon is starvation. Most people are not even aware that war is happening.

Some brown people on TV have suggested that white people in America only care about the Ukraine because it is white people involved in the conflict.

Although it’s funny to see brown people going off-script like that (it is definitely off-script), I don’t really think that is true at all. The George Floyd debacle proved that white people were willing to completely destroy their own lives over totally fake abuses of brown people, so it’s clear you could get white people to react the same way to the war in Yemen as they’ve gotten then to react against the war in the Ukraine. The difference is not with the people, it’s with the media coverage. The people will just go along with the media regardless, without ever thinking about it.

But again: how much are people willing to give in order to feel like they are good people?

Is there any limit at all on how far people will go to appease television personalities and random posters on Twitter and reddit?

Along with the costs of the sanctions, there is the amount of money that is being printed to send to the Ukraine. Those costs are lower than the sanctions, but there is no ceiling. We’re talking about an unlimited amount of money.

The most recent payment on the way is $40 billion.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the only people to take issue with this.

She was democracy-shamed by the grimy Jew ghoul Jamie Raskin. Raskin took a swipe at mothers who don’t have baby formula while condemning Greene’s lack of democracy morality.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out earlier this week, $40 billion is more than the government spent annually in Afghanistan.

The total number is now at $60 billion – in 3 months.

Of course, $60 billion for “Ukraine” isn’t much compared to the $5 trillion these people spent on “coronavirus.”

It might be that Americans are simply too weak and pathetic to stand up to anything at all.

However, it should be noted that someone thought it was important enough to leak the SCOTUS abortion draft in order to distract people from the Ukraine situation. So it may well have been that their computer algorithms in their social simulations were showing that public sentiment might be on the verge of turning against this very confusing war on Russia – a war that only stops being confusing if you pay attention to the fact that everyone involved is Jewish.