Zelensky to Steal Property of Russian Residents in the Ukraine and in the West

Elvis – on this website, we say THE Ukraine. THE, THE, THE.

There was a “THE” there 5 years ago, and there will be a “THE” there 5 years from now.

No idea how this is complicated or why my website keeps running headlines without the “THE” in it. It’s appalling, and the fact that it continues so endlessly is indeed shocking.


Ukraine has seized about $765 million worth of Russian assets in the country, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on his Telegram channel on Saturday.

“Held a meeting today on sanctions policy, confiscation of Russian assets. As government officials reported, assets worth 28 billion hryvnias {about $765 million} have already been forcibly seized. This work continues. More than 900 more facilities belonging to the Russian state are proposed to be confiscated. And if we evaluate the property package not only of the [Russian] state, but also of its residents, we are talking about 36 thousand items to be seized,” he stated.

According to Zelensky, this measure is only the first step in a government strategy for dealing with Russian assets. The next step will be the confiscation of Russian assets held in the West, allegedly for the same purpose of rebuilding Ukraine. Zelensky said the Ukrainian government and president’s office were working on this measure along with teams of international experts, partners and allies in the West.

This whole thing of all Russian people being subject to them by all Western states – this is exactly what we said would happen. I remember when I wrote about the “oligarchs” having their property stolen was the beginning of the end for all concept of private property, and some guy was like “uh, bro, why do we care about some billionaire’s boat?”

I was like: let me go ahead and explain to you a little something called “the concept of private property,” and then I’ll explain how when you start denying people basic legal rights, the number of people denied these rights expands.

So, to be clear, we’re now at “Russians should not be allowed to own property due to their race (and/or national origin).”

They are no longer talking about “people responsible for the war” or even “rich people.” They are just talking about Russians.

So, how long until it is “all people who support Russia”? I don’t know how long. But it’s very obvious that this is coming. They have been stealing property from Russians who have no relationship at all to Putin or the Ukraine border skirmish; now they’re saying all global Russian assets. They are going to say “people who give comfort and support to the Russian people” soon enough. Then after that, they will just start calling everyone they don’t like a Russian agent.