Zelensky Says That the Only Way the Ukraine Exists is Via American Subsidies

Zelensky is fighting for our values – that is to say, who we are.

We must continue to dump money on him so that we don’t have to fight the Russians over here.


Ukraine could face defeat in its military conflict with Russia without continued financial and military help from the US, its President Vladimir Zelensky has told CNN.

He was responding to a question about the affect internal American politics could have on his country, during an interview aired on Sunday, but recorded in Kiev at some point over the past week.

“I’m grateful to President [Joe] Biden and the White House and the bipartisan support,” Zelensky told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. “Without this support, we will not be able to return our lands.”

“I want to believe that bipartisan support will remain strong and steadfast. For us, that’s extremely important,” Zelensky added, addressing Zakaria’s claim that a Republican victory in the November midterms would result in the US “supporting Ukraine less.”

If the West stops sending weapons and money to Kiev, “Russia could win this fight,” Zelensky opined. He added that he would be willing to make arguments in defense of the aid to US taxpayers, who need to know their money is being used to defend Western “values.”

Yes, as an American, I can tell you: as long as it’s supporting our values and who we are, I’m good with sending unlimited amounts of money forever to the Ukraine. To be clear, our values are primarily:

  • Gay blowjobs for tranny infants
  • Jews controlling everything
  • Women in charge
  • Dead Russians

As far as I can tell, these Jews in the Ukraine are living up to my values, and they are who we are.

Zelensky, wearing an elegant t-shirt, also condemned the evil orange man in his CNN interview.

The Hill:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was surprised by former President Trump’s continued praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin even after Moscow invaded Ukraine, given how much information Trump was privy to about the fellow world leader.

“I believe he had enough time, plenty of time, to understand who Putin is,” Zelensky told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview aired Sunday.

“I think he was sitting at such a high position where it’s not even possible not to recognize that [Putin] is the opponent in terms of values to your own people. He [Trump] has all the might of this country — intelligence, data — to create [a] psychological profile.”

Zelensky said he was “surprised” at Trump’s behavior “even after the beginning, with a full-fledged invasion.”

“Probably he needed this to promote his domestic policy to show that he’s ready to find understanding with the president of Russia,” Zelensky speculated.

“Ukraine in his eyes is too far away. But this war has no distances it could not cover, so I believe he needs to look at the situation without, as we say, pink glasses on,” Zelensky said, per CNN’s translation.

He sure is right that this orange man is very bad, and against the values of a rules-based democracy.

The fact is, he needs more than infinity money. The cops should just start taking money from Americans’ bank accounts to send to the Ukraine.

You have a family jewel? The cops should come and take it from you to support the Ukraine. They should sell your furniture. They should cut out your organs and sell them on the black market.

As Mitch McConnell said: the Ukraine is the most important thing in the world.

It is more important than your job, your money, or your stupid, worthless life.

You must die so that Ukraine Democracy can live.