Zelensky Says He Wants Negotiations – In Israel, Of Course!

Requesting Israel as the place for the negotiations is maybe mostly because Zelensky and virtually the entirety of the Ukraine government is Jewish, but it’s also because Russia is still at odds with Israel in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, where the Jews are still involved in low-intensity conflict with Russia’s allies in the region.

But ultimately: the Ukrainian president is literally a foreign agent, and he’s requesting negotiations to be mediated by the country he is loyal to. Imagine if the Ukraine had a Bolivian president, and demanded negotiations take place in Bolivia.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed his readiness for negotiations with Russia. He requested that the Israeli prime minister convene peace talks in Jerusalem.

“A group of Ukrainians and Russian representatives are discussing certain issues. They began talking about something, and not just throwing out ultimatums,” Zelensky said on Saturday, during a press conference with foreign media.

Kiev is of the view that any high-profile talks with Russia should be held on neutral territory, Zelensky said, naming Israel as a potential host for such negotiations.

“We spoke with [Israeli Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett, and I said that today it is not right [to hold] meetings in Russia, in Belarus. I’m not talking about technical meetings – I’m talking about leaders’ meetings. Do I think that Israel can be such a land, and Jerusalem? Yes, I think so. And I told him that,” Zelensky stated.

However, the president said, if the outcome was to be successful, his country would need certain “security guarantees” that the ongoing conflict was settled not only from the perspective of Russia, but also from that of the West. Israel could act as a guarantor in that respect, he suggested.

That means there can’t be any settlement.

If the issue could be settled in a way that met the demands of both Russia and the West, there would not have been an invasion in the first place. Putin made the terms of the situation very clear before the invasion, consistently, and the Americans treated it like a joke. The American media didn’t really even report on it.

The State Department has said explicitly that they’ll reject any attempts to reach a diplomatic solution to the alleged crisis.

Of course, they’re eventually not going to have any choice, because no matter how many sanctions there are, no matter how many weapons the West is able to ship in, within 4-6 weeks, Russia will control Kiev, Odessa and everything east of those two points, and unless NATO is going to invade, they won’t be able to do anything other than whine.

The Western media keeps talking about “giving Putin an off-ramp,” but it is actually the West that needs an off-ramp here. They are the ones who refused serious negotiations before the intervention began, and they are the ones who continue to escalate. They are the ones who are going to be stuck looking confused and utterly inept when Russia controls two-thirds of the Ukraine after they claimed for months that Ukraine was going to win the war by giving select-fire rifles and Molotovs to women and children.

The actual facts on the ground are that the Ukraine army is surrendering or deserting at a rapid rate, Russia is continuing to gain ground daily, and the only reason it is taking the time it is taking is that Putin wants good optics. Virtually no civilians are dying, despite what the goofy atrocity propaganda in the Western media would lead you to believe.

In the initial conquest of Iraq, the US military killed nearly 10,000 civilians, and throughout the course of the war, killed 200,000 civilians. Those are direct military kills, not the result of displacement or malnutrition/starvation or whatever else. Right now, the death toll of Ukrainian civilians is in the hundreds.

Russians are now running the evacuation operations themselves, after the Zelensky regime kept sabotaging attempts to evacuate, and they will be able to bring these people into Belarus and Russia and explain to a captive audience the reasons for the war. They will also be able to control the media when the invasion is over and the refugees return, and the people will learn about the atrocities that were being committed by the Zelensky regime, how the conflict could have easily been avoided, and about all of the interracial gay and tranny indoctrination that was going on in Ukrainian kindergartens during the American/Jewish occupation regime.