Zelensky Bombing UN Nuclear Inspector’s Route

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I predicted thith.

After it was announced yesterday that they were going in, I said: “they’re going to bomb the UN inspectors.”

Pre-bombing their route and accommodations before they arrive is clever.


Ukrainian forces are shelling a potential route of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission, which is set to examine the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant this week, local authorities claimed on Tuesday.

Zaporozhye Region council member Vladimir Rogov told RIA Novosti that “Ukrainian nationalists are targeting locations that could be visited by the IAEA mission in Energodar,” where the plant is located. He added that “[Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky’s regime also started a military operation in the south of the country,” which raises concerns for the safety of the IAEA mission.

Rogov also said Kiev’s forces have shelled the NPP’s resort house that could accommodate the IAEA delegation.

On Monday, IAEA chief Rafael Grossi announced that an expert group would visit the NPP this week to assess the damage sustained by the plant and check the safety and security systems. Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant has been under Russian control since March.

Moscow has repeatedly accused Ukrainian forces of attacking the plant, while warning that the shelling could trigger a disaster that would eclipse the Chernobyl incident. Kiev insists, however, that Russian forces are shelling the site while stationing military hardware there.

This has been one of the goofiest media events ever.

“Russia is surrounding the nuclear reactor and firing on it from the parking lot, trying to get it to melt down. They’ve controlled it since March, and all of a sudden they just decided to start shelling the reactor.”

At one point, the Ukrainians said they were shelling the reactor to cause a meltdown because they want to stop the Ukraine side from receiving electricity. Like, they don’t know how to cut the power going across the river, so they just decided to cause a meltdown.

This started after Putin said that the Ukraine was going to have to start paying for the electricity, because Russia is operating it and has been giving them free electricity since March.

It’s just all so goofy.

The UN isn’t quite as corrupt as the US military or NATO. Remember that the inspectors who went to the Syria “Assad gassing” site said it was fake, then they had to fire them and redact their report and send in shills. I don’t think something different would happen here – a delegation of nuclear inspectors is going to be scientists, primarily, not political people. They will presumably at least try to report that the Ukraine is responsible for the shelling.

That won’t ever make it to the top of NYT or CNN, but I think if they are able to do an initial report, they will say the Ukraine is responsible. Then UN higher-ups will have to disavow and change the report.

But if the Ukraine can stop them from getting there, or kill them once they get there, they will be able to continue blaming Russia with impunity.