Zelensky Announces Official Marketplace of the Ukraine on Twitter

The Ukraine simply does not have enough money.

No one knows where all the money we already sent went, but what matters is that it’s gone.

Now you have to buy from their store to support their endless war for democracy.


President Zelenskyy announced the launch of Ukraine’s Ukrainian marketplace “Made With Bravery” on his official Twitter account.

The “Made With Bravery” website has a banner that reads:

“The world gave us three days to last. But we still stand. Moreover, we still create. We craft. We deliver.”

“That’s why everything made in Ukraine is made with bravery.”

And now you can support Ukrainian bravery by simply buying these things.”

“At this marketplace, every little purchase matters: you buy, and we donate 5% of each item cost and an extra 5% with a Visa card to the United24 platform for the reconstruction of Ukraine.”

That’s how we can restore the home of the brave together.”

Mikhail Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine stated:

“Marketplace Made with Bravery is a great opportunity to showcase cool products and products of Ukrainian companies to the general public.”

“Ukraine has brave entrepreneurs and first-class brands that the whole world should know about. This platform will allow businesses to scale and find new customers. ”

This means profits, jobs, the ability to donate and to keep Ukraine’s economy stable. It is also another opportunity for people from other countries to learn about and support us.”

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, stated:

“In times of war, support for Ukrainian companies is extremely important, especially for medium and small businesses.”

“That is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs works systematically to promote Ukrainian products abroad. A new online marketplace for Ukrainian goods with worldwide delivery will help Ukrainian businesses to export and make money abroad.”

It’s very cute, Zelensky.