Zelensky and Biden Beg Russia to Give Back Nuclear Power Plant

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Here’s the series of events so far:

  • Russia captured the power plant in March and continued to operate the plant and provide power to the Ukraine people for free for months
  • In August, Russia said they were going to have to start charging the Ukraine for power, because it doesn’t make sense to keep giving free power to people who are at war with them
  • The Ukraine started shelling the nuclear reactors
  • The Ukraine government and some of the media blamed Russia, saying they had all of a sudden, after five months, decided to start shelling their own power plant
  • Zelensky said that Russia was going to blow up the reactor to prevent the Ukraine from getting power, suggesting that Russia couldn’t figure out how to cut power to the Ukraine without blowing up the reactor
  • The media then just said that “missiles are hitting the power plant,” without directly saying the Ukraine was doing it, and said the solution was for Russia to surrender the power plant and then surrender completely and leave the Ukraine
  • The media created a huge hype saying there was going to be a nuclear disaster, while the US government refused to tell the Ukraine to stop shelling

In the last few days, nothing has really happened.

Now, the power plant is cut off from the grid.

New York Post:

President Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky called on Russia Thursday to give up control of a nuclear power plant Moscow’s forces captured earlier this year and allow United Nations inspectors access so they could determine whether the situation is stable.

Russia has said the UN can come in. The US is saying the UN can’t go in because Russia controls the area.

The UN is ridiculous, but they would have to say that it’s the Ukraine doing the shelling. At this point, not even CNN/NYT will blame Russia for the shelling (they just don’t say the Ukraine is doing it).

A White House readout of the call was released as reports indicated that the Zaporizhzhia plant had been temporarily disconnected from the Ukrainian grid because of fire damage that caused a blackout, raising fears of another catastrophe like the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown.

It was the first time Zaporizhzhia was cut off from the grid.

The fires damaged a transmission line carrying outgoing energy from the plant, Europe’s largest, leading to the outage, said Yevgeny Balitsky, the Russian-installed regional governor.

Two reactors went offline, he said, but workers had managed to restore one of them and service was restored.

Ukraine has warned that Russian troops who captured the plant in March have been holding the facility hostage while storing weapons there and using it as a base from which to launch attacks.

That’s not true and if it was true the media would publish satellite images. They’re not posting satellite images because those would show no weapons there and emergency crews trying to deal with the Ukrainian attacks.

Moscow has accused Kyiv of creating a dangerous situation by shelling the plant.

Biden also congratulated Zelensky on Ukraine’s Independence Day, which the country marked with subdued celebrations on Wednesday, and “expressed his admiration for the people of Ukraine, who have inspired the world as they defended their country’s sovereignty over the past six months,” the White House said.

During the call, the president reiterated Washington’s continued support for the Kyiv government and ​”provided an update on the ongoing provision of security assistance, including yesterday’s announcement of nearly $3 billion to support Ukraine’s defense capabilities for the long term.​”​

The ​Zaporizhzhya​ plant supplies more than 20% of Ukraine’s energy and any disruption or loss of function would deal a severe blow to the country’s power supply, which has already been greatly reduced since Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion.

The power outage heightened concerns that the plant could be damaged by the ongoing conflict.

“​Anybody who understands nuclear safety issues has been trembling for the last six months,” Mycle Schneider, an independent policy consultant and coordinator of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, said prior to Thursday’s outage.​

It’s confusing why the Ukraine is shelling this nuclear power plant. I don’t understand it. But it is being done with the blessing of the United States, or they would just tell them to stop shelling it. The US owns the Ukraine because their government wouldn’t exist without US support.

Biden and Blinken could easily just tell Zelensky to stop shelling the power plant. Instead, they’re just releasing gibberish statements.