Young America’s Foundation Fires Michelle Malkin for Supporting Nick Fuentes and the Groyper Army

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2019

Michelle Malkin is being blacklisted by fake conservative incorporated because she refuses to denounce Nick Fuentes as a bad person.

Fake conservative incorporated has declared total war on Nick Fuentes, the groyper army and anybody who remotely supports them. The Young America’s Foundation which recently denounced Fuentes and the groyper army in a bizarre public statement, has now fired Michelle Malkin and removed her speeches from their speakers archive. All because she has been publicly supporting the groyper army’s view on mass immigration and has not publicly disavowed Fuentes.

Daily Beast:

A conservative group cut ties with right-wing columnist Michelle Malkin on Sunday over her support for an anti-Semitic internet personality, ramping up a growing conservative civil war centered on college campuses.

Malkin’s firing from Young America’s Foundation, whose speakers bureau had booked Malkin for speeches across the country for the past 17 years, marks the latest battle between supporters of Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and more establishment conservative figures.

“Michelle Malkin in no longer part of YAF’s campus lecture program,” a YAF spokesman said in an email to The Daily Beast.

Malkin didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Malkin has been a mainstream conservative figure for decades. She has been doing speeches for the Young America’s Foundation for 17 years.

She is hardly a controversial figure. She is even married to a Jew. But because she simply thinks mass immigration is a problem and has not totally denounced Fuentes for being an evil person, she has been fired.

Does this not show what a joke fake conservative incorporated is? They are engaging in the same type of cancel culture bullshit that Jew-leftists have heavily pushed. They are trying to send a message to anybody who steps off the plantation of fake conservative incorporated, that they will be blacklisted from their club if they do not totally distance themselves from Fuentes and the groyper army.

Malkin has been defiant on her Twitter feed and is continuing to hammer away on the mass immigration issue.

Attempting to blacklist somebody like Malkin is a huge overreach by fake conservative incorporated. If someone like Malkin is too hardcore to be part of their group, than you could argue that the average person who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 is too hardcore for them as well. This attempt to treat Malkin as some sort of pariah is only going to further widen the schism between these fake conservative shill operations and the general base of the Republican Party.