World War Tucker

Following the demise of Donald Trump, Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson became the single most powerful right-wing figure in the world. He is now locked in a direct battle with the Jews, which spilled out into the public space after he was attacked as an anti-Semite by Anti-Defamation League head Jonathan Greenblatt and chose to push back.

The issue in question is the core question of the current American crisis:

Should Jews be allowed to promote mass nonwhite immigration into America and silence anyone who disagrees with this policy while openly advocating for racial purity in their own country?

Everyone on the right is going to have to take a side on this. The resolution of this issue will be central to whatever resistance the remaining American citizenry puts up against our racial replacement.

Previously on Tucker Carlson Tonight…

Up until the last couple of weeks, Tucker Carlson Tonight was at its lowest point since it started in 2017. It should be noted that during this time, Tucker was also launching two new shows on Fox’s subscription service, Fox Nation. This appears to have been part of a way to mitigate the fact that the show cannot get any advertisers. It also presumably made him significantly harder to fire. Looking at him over the last two weeks, it appears that he may have been lying low for a few months, probably working on these pay shows and relying heavily on the writers to produce his primetime content.

(Note: I urge you to sign up for Fox Nation. It’s $6 a month. The more people who are signed up for that, the harder Tucker Carlson is to fire. Plus, I’m sure his interviews on there are pretty good.)

Generally, I’ve been very supportive of Tucker Carlson. I’ve been pro-Tucker going back to before he got his current show, when he was doing various interviews with his current worldview. In particular, I remember an interview he did with Gavin McInnes in 2016, which felt at the time like a test run for something bigger.

For those who might not remember: Tucker Carlson has been on TV since he was in his twenties, and for most of that time, he was a cookie-cutter libertarian with the same worthless ideological ideas as Sean Hannity. He even wore the bowtie.

From what I know of his background, he had a rich but difficult childhood (those two elements of childhoods regularly go together). It makes logical sense that he fell into a job on TV, and didn’t really think much about the core values his role was based on.

Famously, while hosting CNN’s Crossfire in 2004, he got lectured and talked down to by Daily Show host Jon “Stewart” Liebowitz. Crossfire was a show where they would have a liberal and a conservative do punditry at each other, and Tucker played the conservative. Liebowitz came on as a promotion for his own show on Comedy Central, and told Tucker that he should “stop hurting America.”

In the 2016 interview with McInnes, Tucker said that he still doesn’t understand what was actually being communicated by Liebowitz. He said that he realized in the aftermath of this – when he was universally attacked and eventually fired – that the most popular person will usually be viewed as the winner of a debate.

You can read his Wikipedia to see what Tucker was doing in the years between that Crossfire episode and his return to the spotlight in 2016. It was more or less nothing. Everyone remembered him from the Liebowitz lecture, and it hung over him like a curse.

There wasn’t really any content in the Liebowitz lecture, but it was true that there was not a lot of content to Tucker, either. There was just a lot of style. He was a very clever writer, and I’ve enjoyed going back and reading some of the stuff from his twenties and thirties. But his current enlightened state is a full transformation, which seems to have been largely an embrace of his personal instincts, whereas previously he was just being paid to do a bit.

I guess it also needs to be noted that it’s been reported that Tucker applied to join the CIA out of college and was denied. I don’t think that implies anything. I’m not even sure if it’s true. But I think it’s important enough to note. Obviously, it wouldn’t be unbelievable that the CIA would hire someone out of college and tell them to go join the media. (This is just a factoid that it would be irresponsible not to keep on file.)

The Criticisms

I have been pretty critical of Tucker since the election. What it felt like is that he had sold out. However, there is no conceivable reason someone who had sold out would take on the ADL, so there are going to have to be alternative explanations for these issues he’s had over the last months.

The most important criticism I have is that I don’t think Tucker did enough to support Donald Trump. In this case, “supporting Donald Trump” meant “supporting the continued existence of America.” We see what the Biden people are doing. Whatever you think about Trump, his loss of the office means that no Republican can ever win it again, and basically, we’re just on a highway to Hell.

If Trump would have remained in office, Tucker himself could have run in 2024, and probably would have won. Then, we could have actually started getting some things done. I am hearing people say “Tucker 2024” now, but the difficult fact here is that the Democrats stole an election, and now have full power of the government. There is no way to ever take that power back through an election. So keeping Trump in office was really, really, really important. Trump’s loss is a turning point in history that everyone is going to regret.

Tucker was right not to go along with the voting machines thing that Sidney Powell was pushing. I agree with that. I kinda knew it at the time, and I wrote about it, but in hindsight the entire Dominion Voting Machines thing was a hoax. It looks like Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell and others were being fed false information about the voting machines. The real fraud was the mail-in ballots, and all of the issues surrounding those. But where they could have been caught is when they shut down the count in all of those swing states at 3:00 AM and stopped allowing observers. It was very clear that the Trump vote overwhelmed the mail-in fraud, and after Florida was called, they realized they were going to need more ballots. Auditing the vote could have proved this, but instead, Trump’s people all went down this kook rabbit hole chasing the kraken.

The only excuse Tucker could have for not pressing the issue of what exactly happened at 3:00 AM in those swing states was that he believed the whole thing was hopeless from the beginning. I don’t think that is a good excuse, or an acceptable excuse, but it is an explanation that isn’t malicious. To his credit, he did cover some of the election fraud stuff. He just never really made it front and center. But from an objective standpoint, there was probably nothing anyone could have done to overturn the media’s claim that Joe Biden had won the election.

Another disaster has been his coverage of the coronavirus. Firstly, it took him a long time to grasp that it was just the flu. He is allegedly the person who told Donald Trump to “take it more seriously.”

After the election, he started really pushing State Department talking points about China. This was just confusing. Without going into all of the detail here: there is no single legitimate problem with China that cannot be solved by handing over Taiwan. Furthermore, even if for some reason you really cared about Taiwan, which I don’t understand, Taiwan is going to get a “One Country, Two Systems” deal like Hong Kong got. Clearly, a more right-wing government that isn’t run by a childless old woman would take over, but it would maintain its current governmental structure. They would repeal gay marriage, but they wouldn’t change much else. Therefore, anyone talking about any “threat” from China has an argument that can be boiled down to a defense of gay marriage in Taiwan. I don’t support gay marriage anywhere, and I definitely do not think it is the duty of the population of the United States to go to war, or even be in any way inconvenienced, in order to defend gay marriage in Taiwan.

I was bothered by Tucker pushing the China boogieman stuff, given that the Biden government is currently fixated on regime change in China, and I don’t see any good outcome of this. I don’t see how, with all the problems we have in this country, anyone can in good conscience push this China stuff. However, once again, I can give the most charitable excuse, and say that Tucker was legitimately confused by the relationship between the Democrat Party and China. The Democrat Party is absolutely lined with Chinese spies, and there is a lot of Chinese money involved in the Democrat Party. No one can deny that. So I guess I can see how someone who hasn’t worked all of this through in their head would get a skewed understanding of things.

Aside from those specific criticisms, the show had just begun to lose energy over the last several months, and I honestly had largely stopped paying attention to it. However, it seems very possible that at least with the Chinese stuff, it was simply that Tucker was busy putting together the new shows, and wasn’t really paying close enough attention to the primetime content. If we look at Tucker in context – he’s 50, and has only really been on the ball politically for less than 10 years – then his lack of understanding of the intricacies of East Asian foreign policy is probably understandable.

Tucker has not been talking about China recently – quite likely, he figured out how schizophrenic his coverage of the Alaska meeting was. He actually seemed confused by the segment himself. He has been pushing the fact that the coronavirus is fake for months, then all of a sudden he said that China killed people using the coronavirus, and it was a plot. We should note that Tucker has also interviewed a CIA anti-China shill who promotes a theory that the alleged pandemic virus was released by a Chinese lab.

Unless Tucker is an outright shill, which I do not believe he is, then he must have noticed that his own talking points were lining up not only with Joe Biden’s State Department, but with the likes of John Bolton.

With the election: there are a lot of things that could have been going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Trump watched Tucker every night, and apparently pretty regularly called him up after the show, so it’s quite possible Tucker had some insider knowledge of how hopeless the situation was.

One thing that I will never forget as long as I live is that Tucker Carlson was the single person with a major national platform to draw attention to the fact that the Daily Stormer was banned from everything in 2017, despite having done nothing illegal. He then kept up with the censorship issue, and did his best to pressure Trump into doing something about big tech privatizing the First Amendment and then crushing it.

He was out there going through the slippery slope talking points from the very beginning. On both a personal and political level, that means a whole lot to me.

The Important Thing is the Jews

Although I do think some of the decisions Tucker has made in the last six months have been regrettable, after last Monday’s show, wherein he called out the Anti-Defamation League and the double standard of the Israel lobby, I am 100% on the Tucker train.

On Sunday, Jonathan Greenblatt appeared on CNN to accuse Tucker Carlson of being an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist” for pointing out that Democrats are replacing the population of the United States with foreigners. Greenblatt specifically and explicitly said that any person who points out that Democrats are flooding the country with immigrants who overwhelmingly vote Democrat secretly hates the Jews.

In response, Tucker Carlson literally read from the Anti-Defamation League’s website, and demonstrated that the Jews in America are calling “white supremacy neo-Nazi anti-Semitism” on the exact policy they have in their own country. No one has ever done this before.

Society-altering mass nonwhite immigration has really only been a thing in America since the George W. Bush era, but throughout all of that time, explicitly Jewish and Israeli groups like the ADL have been at the very front of promoting this project to replace white people in America.

This Jewish push for mass immigration goes back 100 years. The Jewish poet Emma Lazarus wrote the “bring us your tired and hungry” poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty (it was installed nearly 20 years after the statue went up). The term “melting pot” was coined by Jewish playwright Israel Zangwill, who was actually an associate of the Zionist ideologue Theodor Herzl.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is not an explicitly Israeli organization, but it can definitely be called a “Jewish organization,” given that it is almost entirely staffed by Jews who have the same exact agenda that the ADL has. They simply talk less about Israel. The SPLC attempts to frame itself as an organization that defends black people, hence the “Southern Poverty” title. But they do not do very much in relation to issues that black people care about. “Black people issues” would start with various housing and gentrification issues and prison reform, neither of which the SPLC has anything to do with. Instead, like the ADL, all of their issue legal battles involve things that relate to Jewish interests. This became clear in 2019, when the blacks at the organization described an abusive environment, and stated frankly that none of the issues the organization was dealing with related to black interests. Astonishingly, they’ve managed to cleanse their Wikipedia page of this controversy, but here’s a New York Times article about it.

In a 2019 documentary which included interviews with people from the SPLC, a chart was visible on media director Mark Potok’s wall showing a countdown to the replacement of white people in the United States.

It’s not just the ADL and the SPLC. If you go through and look at all of the organizations that promote this agenda of replacing the population of America (and other white countries) with nonwhites, you will find that virtually to a man, these organizations are run and largely staffed by Jews. There is no real debate on this issue. You cannot debate it, because it is true.

Jews themselves will regularly admit this aloud. Infamously, the American Jew Barbara Spectre, who moved to Sweden to establish a Jewish pro-immigration organization, stated in a documentary interview that “Jews are at the center” of “transforming” Europe into “multicultural mode,” and that “Jews will be resented” for doing that.

It is also, of course, in the media: the media is dominated by Jews, and is overwhelmingly in support of this replacement agenda. In his response to the attacks by ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt, Tucker noted that Jewish New York Times writer Michelle Goldberg had in 2018 penned a piece entitled “We Can Replace Them.”

Multiculturalism is “replacement.” There is no way to talk about this issue without, on some level, talking about the Jews.

Thankfully, it was Jonathan Greenblatt that said it. Tucker Carlson has never said anything “anti-Semitic,” and yet Greenblatt insisted that Carlson is an anti-Semite because he takes issue with the agenda to flood America with new people. Greenblatt said: “this is a theory where the Jews are planning to replace white people,” and then proceeded to explain that anyone who says this has to be silenced.

Tucker’s response means that there is now going to be a real war to get him off the air. He said the forbidden thing, which you are never allowed to say: Jews have a very different policy for their own country than they have for our countries. This is the most egregious conceivable kind of hypocrisy. This type of hypocrisy is on display everywhere on the left, from John Kerry flying around in a private jet while talking about a carbon dioxide apocalypse to Gavin Newsom shutting down restaurants and forcing people to wear masks on the street while himself dining at a restaurant at a maskless event. People very much dislike this kind of hypocrisy.

With the Jews, this goes beyond policy, however, and ends up amounting to the obliteration of a civilization. In his segment responding to Greenblatt and the rest of the left, Tucker described what has happened in California: the entire state has been destroyed by immigration. Whether you’re a “racist” or not, by any objective measure, people do not want to live in California anymore due to the way it has been transformed. What the Jews are pushing for is a situation where you can’t escape this transformation by moving to a different state. What they are pushing for is a situation where there is nowhere else to run, where white people simply cannot exist as a group anymore, and are forced to adapt to the norms of foreign peoples. This will eventually lead to heavy racial interbreeding, and ultimately to an erasure of the White Christian people of America and of the whole world. It is a planned genocide of white people.

These were Greenblatt’s words:

Tucker Carlson has a history of sanitizing stereotypes and of spreading this kind of poison. But what he did on Thursday was indeed a new low. The “great replacement theory” as it’s known is this toxic idea that there are a cabal of Jews plotting to overrun the country with immigrants, Muslims, black people, etcetera, and commit what they call “white genocide.” It is literally a staple of white supremacist and extremist ideology. And so when Tucker Carlson literally introduces it to his four and a half million viewers, he’s serving as a gateway to one of the most damaging and dangerous conspiracy theories out there.

This is what Tucker Carlson read from the ADL website in response:

With historically high birth rates among the Palestinians, and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, Jews would quickly become a minority within a bi-national state, thus likely ending any semblance of equal representation and protections. In this situation, the Jewish population would be increasingly politically – and potentially physically – vulnerable. It is unrealistic and unacceptable to expect the state of Israel to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory.

Greenblatt said he was concerned about Tucker’s 4.5 million viewers (which is more like 6-7 million, if you include online views) being exposed to the idea that immigrants vote for Democrats, and now he has a situation where those people have been exposed to the single greatest hypocrisy on earth.

Jews themselves are rattled by this, including former head of the ADL Abraham Foxman.

“Fox is not an anti-Semitic network,” Foxman told the Jewish Telegraph Agency. “It’s a lot of things but it’s not an anti-Semitic network and it’s certainly not an anti-Israel network.”

But it’s too late. The cat is out of the bag. The Jewish role in the mass immigration agenda is now an issue of public debate.

Decision Time

Jonathan Greenblatt laid out the options for people very clearly, and there are only two of them.

Do you want to:

  1. Accept open borders and complete cultural, social, and racial replacement, or
  2. Be an anti-Semite?

This is the exact question I have been putting to right-wingers, Republicans and conservative-minded people for nearly a decade now. Once again, because I cannot stress this enough: Jonathan Greenblatt was very explicit about this. He said that anyone who is opposed to open borders is an anti-Semite. I could not have made it any clearer myself. Tucker has never talked about Jews being behind anything.

I pray that Tucker Carlson holds the line on this. As I said above, we have seen him waffle a bit in the last months. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because once a cat comes out of a bag, it doesn’t go back in.

The pushback from Jews against Greenblatt could mean that Greenblatt stops pushing the issue, or even that he is removed as the head of the ADL. It is a legitimately crazy thing that he’s done, because if he wins, then everyone in the world sees that Tucker Carlson can say all of these things he said, anger all of these people, but when the Jews come out and say “shut it down because this is like the Holocaust,” they shut it down.

Talking about Jews makes people uncomfortable. It’s something I’ve written about a lot: very young children are shown pictures of piles of naked bodies of Jews at concentration camps. Though it may not be true anymore because of how pornographic our society has become, when I was a child, these were the first images of nude bodies I’d ever seen – piles of corpses. This is sexualized trauma-based indoctrination, this process of showing children these photographs. I remember the first time I saw a Holocaust denial documentary (something made by Poles in the early 1990s), I felt a chill in my spine, thinking “this is just wrong.”

The Holocaust is a big issue, but certainly Jews did die in camps, and certainly there were piles of corpses by the end of the war when American soldiers went in and took these photographs. But any picture of nude corpses shown to a child at a very young age and then associated with a specific concept is going to leave an imprint on the brains of children. This is something that will last throughout their lives. It is a cruel method, and it works very well. Most people do not fully understand it, but they have a very real and serious aversion to ever thinking of the Jews negatively, given that they are taught that anyone who speaks negatively of the Jews will create that emotion that they felt as small children when shown these psychologically damaging photographs.

Modern evangelical heresy regarding Jews as “God’s chosen people” is rooted in the Holocaust, and it seems very clear that the reason it became so popular, aside from simply the amount of shilling by televangelists, was related to this Holocaust indoctrination program.

Jews have leaned in on this heavily. They regularly use anti-Semitism and the Holocaust for agendas that most Americans view as completely unrelated to Jews. That is what Greenblatt was attempting to do: he was trying to use the status of Jews as untouchable and above reproach to remove Tucker Carlson from the air.

We are at a place now where people can no longer simply refuse to talk about things that make them uncomfortable. Our election was just stolen, our borders are wide open, schools are turning our children into transsexuals, and the government is attempting to start a World War with Russia and/or China. The coronavirus lockdown has broken society, it has broken the economy, and it has stripped us of all our basic freedoms. We are in the middle of an apocalypse, and if there was ever a time to get to the heart of the matter, it is right now.

Aside from the Holocaust, Jews don’t really have a lot going for them. Greenblatt may be operating under the assumption that Jews still receive the love they received twenty years ago, at the height of the evangelical hysteria, when most people in America who identified as Christian believed that if they supported the Jews hard enough, Jesus would return and create a science fiction type scene where they were sucked up into outer space, and therefore they were never required to experience death. In fact, as things stand in 2021, there is very little preventing the masses of people from noticing the elephant in the room.

We can either have this conversation or not. It’s going to be up to the people, and to a large extent up to Tucker Carlson where this goes from here. But it is now out there, hanging in the air. If the people choose not to have the conversation, then we are just going to continue to get more of the same.

Recognizing the Jews would enable the American people to fix this situation. Once you just begin to question them, you look around and they’re everywhere, serving as the motivating force behind everything you dislike.

There have been shockingly few articles written about Tucker since last Monday’s show. I assume Jews are in a crisis mode, attempting to figure out how to respond to what he said, and probably also considering whether it makes sense to go ahead and continue to push so aggressively to get Tucker off of the air. It was a master chess move for him to drop this information in response to Greenblatt’s attack. What I would have done if I were the Jews would be to just continue to close down the internet progressively until they reached the point where no one could find anything on the internet at all. Then you can remove Tucker, and no one can talk about it.

Right now, if Fox News does fire Tucker, Facebook and Twitter will light up with information about the Jews. So frankly, I think him getting kicked off of Fox News might be the best possible outcome here. He wouldn’t be able to use YouTube, but unlike the goofball Donald Trump, he would be able to get a website up to do his show and probably keep 85% of his audience that’s under the age of 70. It’s unclear why Greenblatt didn’t play through that scenario in his mind.

If Tucker stays on Fox News, then I very much suspect he is going to continue to kick out the jams. He was certainly in a funk between the election up until a couple weeks ago, but he has been on fire lately. It is clear that he has a clear picture of what he wants to do, and assuming he doesn’t get conveniently assassinated by a lone nut, we’re going to see some interesting words coming out of this man’s mouth.

The best any of us can do is pray for him.