Women are So Ugly

People who claim women are beautiful are lying.

A lot of people talk about how women are stupid, selfish, and sadistic, but few take the time to point out how disgustingly ugly they are. It’s also not often mentioned how badly they stink.

This is mostly a result of the wizardry of advertising making it appear that women are attractive and fresh-smelling.

Here are some recent manipulated images of a bimbo named Cara Delevingne:

Please note: we are not going to say that she “hit the wall.” Maybe she did, but the above images are recent. The point is, wall or not: all women are ugly, stinky beasts (including underage teens).

Here are some recent images of Ms. Cara in real life:

That’s the truth: women are all repulsive monstrosities exuding a fetid stench. They are an evil, mutant race among us.

They do not deserve to be romanced. In fact, they do not even deserve to be raped. Even touching such a creature is a foul deed.

Remember: any man who defends women is a victim of a psychological warfare program done to him by his mother, by the schools, by the media, and by the government. There is nothing pleasant about women, and nothing justifies them.

The whole concept of female beauty is a scam. They paint a thick mask on their faces to hide the ugliness below, just as they drench themselves in fragrance to mask the putrid stench.

Their big hoax must be stopped.