Women are Satanic, Destroyed Civilization

This is a video from Tuesday, in Washington, D.C.:

Imagine that creature’s scream – what is that, if not demonic possession?

Here are more of them:

When the black preacher says, “the blood of Jesus,” they say, “is on my pussy.”

All they can think about is their vaginas, because that is what defines them. It is their only value.

But what would compel them to speak this way about Christ? Aside from demonic possession?

These are the women this morning:

They are speaking of “god.”

Of course, Satan wished to make himself like God, and he will call himself “god.”

These women are completely out of control. The devil has harnessed them like horses and he is using them to trample our entire civilization.

If Kamala Harris takes over, it will be because women wanted him to.

We’re all going to pay for that, and so is any generation to come.