Woman Claims She Must Pay Child Support to Her “Rapist”

This news outlet should be sued. There is no evidence this is a “rape victim.”

Rape is just a spook.

New York Post:

A Louisiana judge gave an accused rapist custody of the child conceived from the 2005 attack and eventually ordered his underage victim to pay child support, a report said.

Crysta Abelseth told WBRZ that she was raped at 16 years old when a man nearly twice her age promised to give her a ride home from a local restaurant after a night out with friends.

“Instead of bringing me home, he brought me to his house,” Abelseth said about John Barnes, who was 30 at the time. “Once inside, he raped me on his living room couch.”

She didn’t know it was actually his home and not hers until AFTER she walked through the front door.

John Barnes, CEO of THOT Patrol.

Actually, she didn’t realize it wasn’t her own home until after she got on the couch. The fancy couch gave it away.

The teen became pregnant and had a daughter, who is now a teenager herself, the station said.

“Everyone assumed it [the pregnancy] was from a boyfriend, and I let them believe that,” Abelseth told the outlet.

Barnes reportedly came back into the picture five years later when he found out the child might be his.

“When my daughter was 5 years old, he found out about her, and once he found out about her, he pursued custody and wanted to take her away from me,” Abelseth said, explaining that a DNA test proved with near certainty that he was the father.

“They granted him 50/50 custody despite the fact that [the child] was caused by rape.”

Abelseth filed rape charges against Barnes in 2015 after she found out it was within Louisiana’s statute of limitations, the station reported.

“I thought if I didn’t do it the next day, there was nothing I could do about it,” Abelseth reportedly said. “I went to a trauma counselor, and he said, ‘No, you have 30 years after you turn 18.’”

Haha, how is that real?

The case was still open with the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office, and no charges had been filed, according to the station.

“It was never assigned to a detective, and nothing was ever investigated,” Abelseth said.

The now-32-year-old said she has struggled to gain any traction with the justice system and reportedly lost custody of her daughter over allegations she gave her a cellphone.

Court records in connection with the case were inexplicably sealed, according to the article.

“He’s well connected,” Abelseth told the station of Barnes, who owns Gumbeaux Digital Branding, a web company in Ponchatoula that works with local police.

“He’s threatened me multiple times, saying he has connections in the justice system, so I better be careful and he can take her away anytime he wants to. I didn’t believe him until it happened.”

The only evidence to support the theory of “rape” is her word. He should sue her for slander. You can’t just come back years later and publicly accuse someone of rape without any evidence (well, I guess you can now, but he should still sue).

I would sue every single publication that published her claims as fact.

Women wanted this “sexual liberation.” In a previous age, before all of this “consent theory” gibberish, the man could have been charged for fornication and/or unlawful use of her father’s property. Under consent theory, it is he said/she said, and when it’s years later, it is impossible for there to be any evidence.

Of course, she doesn’t even claim this was “rape” as most people think of it – she got in his car, went into his house, had sex on his couch. At no point does she claim there was violence.

Anyone who has ever tried to have sex with a woman who didn’t want to have sex would be aware that the only way to make that happen is through violence that would leave marks. Sorry to be graphic, but these people are making all of these nonsense claims, so there is no choice but to be graphic – a woman has strong lower body strength, and can clench her legs together tightly. You would have to beat her into opening her legs, or she is going to be able to keep you out. If you are able to hold her legs apart, she is going to twist and close them again. You can’t have sex that way and cause a pregnancy.

Also: what are the statistical chances that the “rape” would happen while she was ovulating? About 6%. A fertile woman can only get pregnant 5-7% of the hours of a month. These are also the hours where she is horny.

Rape is always, always a hoax unless it involves:

  • Bodily injury
  • Secretly drugging her

Both of those things can be proved definitively if the woman goes to the police the next day. Well, there is some question with the drugging, because she can’t prove she didn’t take the drugs voluntarily.

What’s more: if women are going to have rights, they have to have some kind of responsibility. You can’t say “women should have all of the exact same rights as men – and even more rights than men, because they are so much more powerful – but also they are stupid pathetic little children who can’t be held responsible for getting in the car with a stranger and then going into his house and getting on his couch.”