Why Do Blacks Hate Jews? Let’s Look at the “Worst Landlords in New York City” List

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2020

Every year, a brave black fighter for justice, Letitia James, makes a list of the 100 worst landlords in New York.

Here’s the top twenty on her 2017 list.

She keeps a running tally on her website, landlordwatchlist.com. In current year, there are a few on there that are not Jewish. In particular, there are a few high-ranking Arabs. But 95% of them are always Jewish.

On top of running these slums, and violating building code law while charging exorbitant prices, religious Jews also go into neighborhoods and threaten people, demanding that they sell their homes to Jews, because Jews want to create their own ghettoes by pushing out blacks.

A New Jersey black female board of education member recently brought this issue up and was promptly attacked from all sides.

Thomas Lopez-Pierre, a black guy in New York who regularly runs for office in New York on a platform of fighting “greedy Jewish landlords” and Jewish ethnic displacement programs, is continually defamed as an “anti-Semite” for pointing out things such as the extraordinary coincidence that all of the top 20 worst landlords are Jews.

Accusations of anti-Semitism are a trick that the Jews always play.

As we know.

But it’s a trick that doesn’t work on black people.

Black people don’t even understand what it means when they’re called “anti-Semites,” and will simply say “nigga what you mean, you doin this thang, we seen you done it!”

But Jews can use the anti-Semitism nonsense to trick white people into working against the blacks who dare speak out.

So they get into a situation where they rightfully feel they are being oppressed and abused by Jews, who in New York, are often very identifiable due to their manner of dress and the fact that they don’t really speak English.

So you have a very delicate situation here.

Very delicate.

What is incredible is the level of restraint that the blacks have shown for the last however many decades.

It appears now that this period of restraint is over.

And the best thing these Jews can come up with to say is “oh but Hitler hated black people too.”

Hitler did not hate black people, just for the record.

In fact, “America treats black people badly” was actually a mainstay of Nazi anti-American propaganda.

Bribing random blacks on the subway isn’t going to work either, Jews.

You’re going to have to come up with better plans.