Why are Taxpayers Paying These Student Loans Instead of the Perpetrators of the Fraud?


Man, I did a radio show and wrote a thing that was rambling and way too long, I gotta get some filler in here.

Brandon “forgave” student loan debt. Here’s a bizarre news clip saying it’s going to cost only a quarter trillion dollars in 10 years.

That video clip is nuts. Brandon is talking about the power of women, I didn’t even catch why. Frankly, women are not very powerful, which is why trannies beat them so easily at sports.

Imagine like, Ronda Rousey in her prime. She could easily be beaten up by an out-of-shape 50-year-old man.

“Women are powerful” is just a ridiculous lie. If you locked the doors of an all girls college and sent one average man in, he could beat them all completely to death in probably under 3 hours. I mean just totally bash their brains in – all of them. You could even give the women guns and they would just end up shooting each other. The man could just yell at a woman with a gun and she would start crying and drop it and then he could move in and beat her to death with his fists.

“Women are powerful” is possibly stupider than both “vaccines are safe and effective” and “the Ukraine is a democracy” combined.

You can just grab a woman and smash her, easily. They have zero power. I could beat a woman to death without closing my fists and without breaking a sweat. It’s not a problem. They have no power at all.

Speaking of women – look at this bitch from that clip above:

What is going on with her disgusting ugly face?

Why is she on TV?

That gross woman has power – the power to kill my boner.

“They call her the boner killer.”

If you’re going to put women on TV, find a bitch who doesn’t look like complete shit.

Anyway – it’s only $24 billion a year, which is like, a lot less than Ukraine Democracy War.

I have no idea why people think it’s okay that the taxpayers should pay this instead of the universities that sold these degrees, which were basically engaged in securities fraud.

Selling a worthless degree under the pretext it is going to gain you wealth is securities fraud. This is illegal and unethical activity.

There’s more serious writing that needs to be done on shipping the blue collar jobs out of the country – or bringing in wetbacks to do them – and telling white people to do “high school plus” and get degrees in philosophy and history.

But I don’t have time for that right now.

I did a radio show and wrote a 3,500-word essay about something or other and I want to drink vodka and play Spider-Man. I want to commission a mod that replaces Miles Morales with Nick Fuentes.

Remember when Alex Jones told Jon Ronson that David Icke saying that the world is ruled by reptoids is a turd in a punch bowl?

Miles Morales is a turd in the punch bowl of my Spider-Man experience.

(That 2001 BBC documentary about a young Bill Hicks might be of interest to you. He infiltrates the Bohemian Grove as the British Jew concern-trolls him. I remember watching it when it came out. Life is so bizarre.)