WHO Asks Public for Ideas to Rename Monkeypox, Then Deletes the Best Suggestions

I really love that liberals assume that anything that includes the word “monkey” is offensive to black people.

It reminds me of this highly underrated meme Andrew Anglin made yesterday:

People don’t understand how funny Andrew Anglin is, because they don’t understand the depth of his memes. The idea of the Guardian mistaking Lloyd Austin for an ape and then claiming that people are being fatphobic against him is really, really funny.

I don’t believe that “liberals are the real racists” in the way that people like Dinesh D’Souza claims (he claims that people in the Democrat Party are secretly KKK members, like liberals claim that Mitch McConnell is a secret Hitler lover). But I don’t think any conservative would ever assume that the term “monkeypox” is offensive to black people. This necessarily implies that black people look like monkeys. Conservatives might think that black people look like monkeys, but they would say something like “what matters is their actions, not whether they look like monkeys.”


Poxy McPoxface, TRUMP-22 or Mpox: these some of the ideas sent in by the public to the World Health Organization as it seeks a new name for monkeypox.

Often disease names are chosen behind closed doors by a technical committee, but the WHO has this time decided to open up the process to the public. After a slow start, dozens of submissions have now been made from a range of contributors including academics, doctors, and a gay community activist.

They range from the technical (OPOXID-22, submitted by Harvard Medical School emergency physician Jeremy Faust) to the farcical (Poxy McPoxface, submitted by Andrew Yi in an allusion to Boaty McBoatface – almost the name of a British polar research vessel after a public vote on the choice).

Boaty McBoatface is still funny, even if it is normiecore.

It’s just generally funny to have so little respect for government/social institutions that you’re like “name this ship something retarded because everything sucks and you’re gay.”

They were talking about renaming Columbus, Ohio because Christopher Columbus like, gang-raped Pocahontas or something, and people said to rename it “Flavortown” after the restaurant and I was like “yeah I don’t care that squaw got raped and actually support it, but this is funny.”

Pressure is growing for a new name for the disease, in part because critics say it is misleading, since monkeys are not the original animal host. A group of leading scientists wrote a position paper in June calling for a name that was “neutral, non-discriminatory and non-stigmatizing” amid fears the name can be used in a racist way.

Until this year, monkeypox has mainly spread only in a group of countries in west and central Africa.

It’s very important we find a new name for monkeypox because this is best practice not to create any offence to an ethical group, a region, a country, an animal etc,” WHO spokesperson Fadela Chaib said on Tuesday.

The WHO is very concerned by this issue and we want to find a name that is not stigmatising,” she added without giving a timeline.

One of the more popular submissions so far is Mpox, submitted by Samuel Miriello, director of a men’s health organization RÉZO which is already using the name in its outreach campaigns in Montreal, Canada.

“When you remove the monkey imagery, people seem to understand more quickly that there’s an emergency that needs to be taken seriously,” he told Reuters.

Another proposal, TRUMP-22, appeared to be refer to former U.S. President Donald Trump who used the controversial term “Chinese virus” for the new coronavirus, although its author said it stood for “Toxic Rash of Unrecognized Mysterious Provenance of 2022”.

Submissions mocking the gay community had earlier been posted but were later removed from the WHO site.

What is even going on with this monkeypox thing? Is it real at all? I have no idea. The media is saying that only gay people get it and that we need to slow down gay orgies, so conservatives/right-wingers naturally jump all over this and start talking about how gays spread disease.

Gays do spread disease, but here’s the thing: viruses are a theory. There is no “proof” of viruses. I tend to think that viruses are a good theory in that they explain communicable disease that can’t be explained by bacteria, but it’s quite possible that all communicable disease can be explained by bacteria and that disease that can’t be explained by bacteria is not communicable.

Here’s the thing: if one person has an infected wound, and another person has a fresh open wound, and the first person rubs their infected wound against the second person’s fresh wound, bacteria will move from one wound to the other. Furthermore, you can clearly see bacteria with a normal microscope. So, coughing particulates of phlegm into the air and someone else inhaling it is a way that can logically spread bacterial infections.

Then you see things like this:

And like this:

And your noggin starts jogging.

Could “influenza” and other seasonal respiratory “viruses” just be a mix of bacterial respiratory infections and various old age immune system difficulties?

This whole discussion started with coronavirus when it became clear that “the coronavirus” was indistinguishable from “the flu.” The Daily Stormer has argued since March of 2020 that “the coronavirus” was really just a rebranding of “the flu.” You start saying that “the coronavirus” has never been isolated, then you find out that no “influenza virus” has ever been isolated either.

Then you remember that “HIV” was never isolated and a lot of scientists argued against the theory of GRIDS (gay-related immunodeficiency syndrome) being caused by a virus, arguing instead that it was caused by homosexual behavior.

So, you end up in a situation where you’re questioning the entire concept of viruses in certain cases (supposedly non-bacterial communicable disease). Basically, it’s a theory that seems to work, but the problem is that it isn’t considered a theory, and this means people assume it’s real, and that means it is really easy to develop hoaxes.

Obviously, any kind of sexual contact can spread bacterial infections because you’re exchanging fluids directly and aggressively (see the wound-on-wound theoretical). So you have chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, which are real bacterial infections that can be spread to the genitals (or anus) through heterosexual or homosexual sex. But then you have “STD viruses,” which are much more controversial. There is, for example, no evidence of HPV. HPV is an excuse for why women get cervical cancer, but that could also be explained by birth control pills and probably by abortions. You don’t need this theoretical virus.

When it comes to “monkeypox,” you have an ostensible “gay disease.” But the question is: what is the difference between this “pox” and the lesions that homosexuals were already developing?

If this is a real virus that is spread at gay orgies, then it would take about a week for every homosexual in America to get infected with it. These people do a lot of orgies.

We know that “anal sex” (it’s not actually “sex”) is itself totally unsafe. Recently, women were warned about how unsafe anal sex is – women are having more anal because it’s popular in pornography (most of which is produced by homosexual Jews).

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The implications about homosexuality were not alluded to.

Using an enema to cure constipation carries all kinds of health risks. Just look up “risks of an enema.” It disrupts the gut fauna which is linked to the immune system. A penis is bigger than an enema, it is shoved in and out, which an enema is not, and it is not sterile like an enema. So it is obvious that any of the risks associated with an enema are going to be drastically more severe in the case of a dick getting shoved up your ass.

Anal is going to be much more extreme for gays, as they will be doing a lot more of it and having a lot more partners. Then you have the fact that the number of partners gays have means that they are constantly getting the normal bacterial STDs, which they are treating with antibiotics. Most gays take antibiotics more than ten times a year; no one else has ever done this in history, and we have no idea what it does to the immune system.

This is how I determined HIV was a hoax: the immune system of a homosexual would eventually collapse without a secret virus, so the secret virus is redundant.

With monkeypox: I have not seen any evidence that this is real at all. I’ve seen pictures of homosexuals with sores. That proves absolutely nothing. Homosexuals were already getting all kinds of sores. They are diagnosing this supposed pox with the same fake PCR process they used for the coronavirus. So if you are a homosexual and you go to the doctor because you have lesions and the test is negative, they say “oh well, I guess those are just normal lesions that homosexuals get all the time because they have all these diseases because their immune systems are destroyed.”

This is not serious and the only reason anyone would think this “public health” stuff is serious is that they have faith in the media/government. If you didn’t have unwarranted faith in the media/government, then you would only believe things you can prove.

The same people telling you about monkeypox told you the Ukraine was going to win a war against Russia.