White Pedestrian Tries to Cross the Road in Chicongo – Big Mistake

Eddie Crout Jr.

The poor fool, thinking he could just stroll across the road without diversity getting in the way.

What decade did he think he was living in? The 1950s?


Police have arrested a 28-year-old Chicago man for his alleged role in a deadly hit-and-run in Clinton.

A fugitive task force arrested Eddie Crout Jr. Thursday in Chicago. He is now being charged with homicide by a vehicle. Crout is expected to be extradited to Clinton.

According to police, Crout hit a man crossing the road on Aug. 30 in the 700 block of 6th Avenue. The vehicle then crashed into a tree.

Authorities found Emiliano Barrios, 42, dead at the scene.

Emiliano Barrios.