White NYPD Officers Got Down and Dirty with the Black Hoes at Negro Parade

Oh shit, bitch.

New York Post:

A raunchy video shows a grinning NYPD cop grinding with a scantily clad dancer at Monday’s West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn as a crowd cheers them on.

The almost-not-safe-for-work clip starts with the woman mounting the male officer as someone is heard yelling, “Lean back! Lean back!”

Soon the pair are pushed together, with the officer wrapping his arm around the woman’s back as she thrusts her body into his crotch.

The crowd cheers on the pair as the woman’s feet dangle off the ground, with her in nothing but a bikini-like top and bottom.

A police rep confirmed the footage was from Monday’s parade and added that the NYPD isn’t planning to punish the cop pictured in the blush-worthy video.

It’s not the first time dirty-dancing videos with cops and West Indian Day revelers have grabbed attention.

It seems pretty inappropriate.

But hey – it’s better than when the NYPD kneeled before the blacks during the Saint George Riots.

In general, I’m pretty tired of the cops, honestly.