White Man on Vacation Defends His Daughters From Black Rapist, Gets Charged with Manslaughter

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 8, 2019

This hotel worker:

Followed these two young white girls back into their hotel room:

And could have ruined their lives. But thanks to their dad, he just ruined their vacation.

They were lucky their dad was there to save them.

Daily Mail:

Scott Hapgood, 44, was charged with manslaughter after he allegedly killed Kenny Mitchel, 27, during his family’s vacation at the Malliouhana Resort on April 13.

Hapgood, of Connecticut, has claimed that Mitchel arrived unannounced at their hotel room, claiming he was there to fix a broken sink that no one in the family had reported.

Mitchel then allegedly tried to rob Hapgood, a banker at UBS, who claims he fought back in self-defense.

Now Hapgood’s family have released an exclusive new photo to DailyMail.com of Hapgood’s daughters hugging their mother Kallie after witnessing the altercation.

Not only did the children witness a deeply traumatizing attack on their father but then they had to further witness a chaotic process in which their dad was charged with manslaughter for literally saving his family from an armed attacker,’ Kelcey Kintner, the family’s spokesman, told DailyMail.com.

Kintner told DailyMail.com that Mitchel arrived at the family’s hotel room just minutes after Hapgood’s daughters ‘walked back to the hotel room on their own’.

The man knocked on the door, saying he was there to fix a broken sink,’ she added.

Kintner said Hapgood had returned to the hotel room before his daughters because he and his son needed to ‘use the facilities’. His wife Kallie was not inside the room. 

Once Mitchel got inside, he allegedly pulled a knife on Hapgood.

It was a pretty close call for this man’s daughters. The hotel worker clearly saw the two young white girls walking alone and followed them back to their hotel room thinking he could make up some bullshit excuse to get inside and rape them. However, he was surprised to find that their was dad inside the room, and had to “think” quickly and “adapt” to the situation by pulling a knife and trying to rob them.

Had their father not been there to save them, we know what would have happened.

We were excited for our first family vacation abroad in the beautiful and tranquil Caribbean island of Anguilla. But with a single knock at the door, our dream vacation turned into a chilling nightmare – a literal fight to survive,’ the family said in a statement.

Yeah. That’s the thing about visiting brown and black countries – you’re likely to encounter brown and black behavior.

Hapgood later shared photos of his injuries, including bloody scratches on his nose and chest. His family said Hapgood was bitten on the nose several times.

‘Scott himself sustained severe injuries as a result of the physical struggle which ensued,’ the family said.

‘Scott was literally fighting for his life. He was bitten multiple times by the attacker, including on his face. Scott’s wounds will heal, but the trauma of this incident will be with our family forever.’

It is also unclear how long after the incident Mitchel was pronounced dead. An autopsy report found his death was caused by asphyxiation and blunt force trauma, but it does not say what time he died. Hapgood denies choking him.

Hapgood was taken to the hospital and then to jail, where he spent the night. It was there that he learned Mitchel had died.

The Malliouhana Resort then checked Hapgood into the Four Seasons Resort Anguilla, where he stayed for two days before being charged with manslaughter. Hapgood’s family said Malliouhana paid for his stay at the Four Seasons.

Hapgood flew back to Connecticut last month on a private jet after posting $74,000 in bail money.

Kintner said the private jet was arranged because the environment ‘in which these chaotic events occurred had become even more dangerous and unpredictable’.

The environment there was already dangerous and unpredictable. It’s just what these tropical creatures do.

Hapgood’s family said that the banker has spent his entire life ‘doing the right things’.

He is married to his college sweetheart, he has worked at the same company for over 20 years, he is a volunteer coach and a loving and devoted father,’ they said in the statement.

[He] did what any parent would do – defend himself and his children. And thanks to his actions, Scott and our family survived this terrible encounter.’

This man did nothing wrong.

The whole bail and jail thing are ridiculous. It’s obvious that he’s not guilty of anything. Why would the father of a nice white family who has no money problems and appears to be a very happy guy who loves his kids suddenly decide to randomly and violently kill a hotel worker in front of his daughters?

The man looks like a very decent person.

But the case has enraged local residents, who believe it was unjust that Hapgood was allowed to post bail.

Mitchel’s brother has also spoken out in his defense, claiming he would have never tried to steal from a hotel guest.

‘He would never try something that dumb. Even if it was possible he would not,’ Kimon Mitchel told NBC last month.

‘Why would someone try to do something like that? It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense,’ he said, adding that his brother was ‘so nice’ he even refused tips from hotel guests sometimes.

‘He was a very nice person, and people at the hotel would always have good things to say. ‘Everyone knew Kenny, everyone knew what type of person he was.’

Local radio host Haydn Hughes also said it would have been out of character for Mitchel to steal.

‘Everyone on the island can vouch for him. He is a hard worker. He did a lot of jobs at the hotel, he comes from a very good family, his father has a stellar record, brother has an unblemished record,’ Hughes added.

‘Nobody can say that he was the type of person who would try to rip off someone or try to steal.’

Yes, because he wasn’t trying to steal. He wanted to rape the young white girls, but his plan was ruined by something he didn’t anticipate: the presence of their father in the hotel room. He was caught off guard while pumped with adrenaline, and immediately got violent.

The girls were saved by their father.

Despite the traumatic event, they’ll be able to put this behind them and live their lives thanks to their father doing what all fathers should do: protect their daughters from niggers.