White Knights Should Feel Shame – This is All Their Fault

I recently posted a video of a brave incel confronting sluts on the streets, and then spraying them when they attacked.

Just to recap the video: these women are walking around in public as total whores, and the filmer is doing the obvious thing they deserve for this behavior, which is verbal sexual harassment. He is then physically attacked by an army of whores, and sprays them with pepper spray.

I was rattled to the core of my being to see that some among my own readership sided with these vile succubi over the hero of the video. One loathsome fiend accused anyone who supports the hero of being a “fake Christian.”

Maybe this individual was some kind of Calvinist puritan who simply took issue with the vulgar language the hero uses in the video. But I think it was just the old meme:

Let me just explain this, so that everyone understands: this man did nothing wrong from a Christian perspective.

If we consider the puritan argument that all forms of vulgarity are always inappropriate, including vulgarity as a response to vulgarity, then we are dealing with a type of pacifism. If you are a Calvinist pacifist and believe that if someone violently attacks you, you should just lay down and let them kill you, then okay. But that is not what most Christians believe. The standard and traditional Christian belief is that defensive violence is justified. Obviously, if that was not the traditional Christian belief, Europe would have been overrun by Islamic hordes. In fact, Europe wouldn’t even have become Christian in the first place, as Christians would not have pushed back against the pagans.

What women who dress up like sluts and prance around in public places are doing is committing a form of sexual harassment against men. Women know they are doing this. It is the only reason they dress like this – they are seeking to draw male attention towards the black holes of their empty souls. Every woman who goes around in public looking like a whore is committing an act of sexual harassment against every man she shows off her body to.

Assuming she is not working the corner as a prostitute in a red light district, then none of the men she is showing her body to asked to see it – so they are therefore being sexually stimulated against their will. Women using their bodies to sexually stimulate men against their will is an aggressive and anti-social attack on individual men and society as a whole. This is a simple, basic fact of human sexuality, and if anyone does not understand this, they really have no concept of modern sexual dynamics.

The rational and pro-social response to being sexually harassed like this is to respond with sexual harassment, as the man is doing in the video. That is a fact. His actions are a defense against the sexual aggression of these women who prance around sexually harassing men for the sake of stimulating their own egos.

Claiming that “lots of women do this, so the man in the video is not justified in fighting back against it” is like claiming “black people are constantly attacking people, so no one has a right to fight back.” Yes, our society accepts women walking around like whores in public places. Our society also accepts black crime. Our society is in the process of coming to accept the sexual grooming of 5-year-olds. Society accepting something doesn’t make it right, and it doesn’t make a lone individual who pushes back against it wrong.

An appeal to normativity in a society this sick is obviously absurd, so it isn’t any wonder a white knight would try to religiously shame people as “not good Christians” for being against stupid evil whores.

If every time a woman went out prancing around like a whore, all men in society reacted as the man in the video reacts to them, what would happen? Women would stop going around looking like whores, and society would be infinitely more cohesive than it is now.

Aside from the above mentioned various strains of pacifism, Christianity does not teach abiding by evil, or refusing to fight back against evil. If someone is a puritan Christian, that is fine, but anyone who has gone deep enough into Christian philosophy to become a puritan is obviously aware that this is the exception and not the rule in Christianity.

For a normal Christian, what this man did by confronting these women on their whore behavior is pure Christian soldier behavior. He is defending society. You see how these women lose it, and start physically attacking him – because unlike some white knight faggot watching this video who thinks the hero was actually being a pervert, these women understand exactly what he is doing – he is calling them out. He is socially shaming them for going around looking like whores in public places. That’s why they physically attack him.

White knights and simps are a cancer on society. They are why we are in this situation. We can all blame the Jews, but the reality is that women are the standing army of the Jews. The core of the Jewish plot against Christian civilization has been to destroy the family, and the liberation of women is the key of destroying the family. Liberated women will support every agenda the Jews put before them. They are untethered rag dolls that can be flopped around by gross appeals to ego. There is no moral core in any woman.

Women should be called whores in public. They should also be called fat. As of yet, this is not illegal. Frankly, they also deserve to be slapped and groped, though that is illegal.

Any woman who goes around showing her body off in public is already in wanton breach of the social contract, and does not deserve any sympathy from anyone. Moreover, anyone who offers her sympathy or protection is abetting her in her vile and demonic attack on society.

Women only got away with all they’ve gotten away with because of faggotized men who defend their terrible behavior, and protect them from other men.

Frankly, the Slut Defense Force deserves much more scorn than the sluts themselves. The sluts themselves literally have no self-control at all, and are no different than wild animals. Men should be capable of reason.

We’re the ones who were made in God’s image.

Women are just the product of an extra rib.