White Father Protecting His Daughters May Not Have Killed Black Hotel Worker: Twice the Lethal Dose of Cocaine Found in His Bloodstream

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2019

Scott Hapgood and his family

Earlier this year, a white father on a vacation with his family was accused of killing a black hotel worker. The father said he was defending his daughters and the locals said that the hotel worker was a good boy. He was charged with manslaughter.

Scott Hapgood’s daughters and their mother, after the incident

GoFundMe recently pulled $250,000 raised for Scott Hapgood’s legal defense because colored people complained that he is white. Now, a revised autopsy report reveals that he may not have killed the black hotel worker he is accused of killing after all, and that he may have indeed faced a violent threat.

Daily Mail:

A revised autopsy may derail the manslaughter trial of a Connecticut banker accused of killing an Anguilla hotel worker, with new toxicology tests revealing the deceased had fatal levels of cocaine in his bloodstream.

Malliouhana resort employee Kenny Mitchel, 27,  died on April 13 after he allegedly broke into the hotel room of UBS banker Scott Hapgood, 44, and the pair became embroiled in a violent altercation.

Hapgood claimed he acted in self-defense when he attacked Mitchel, who reportedly produced a knife and attempted a robbery. The banker’s two young daughters were inside the room at the time.

Mitchel’s death was initially listed as asphyxiation and blunt force trauma to the head, leading Hapgood to be charged with manslaughter.

But a revised report dated September 3, and obtained by The New York Times this week, claims that Mitchell may actually have died from a drug overdose.

Acute cocaine toxicity could have been a potentially independent cause of death in the known circumstances,’ it reads.

Hapgood also claimed that he was defending his daughters after they walked back to the hotel room on their own and were followed by Kenny Mitchel, who knocked on the door and told them that he was there to fix a broken sink.

It was reported that Hapgood returned to the hotel room before his daughters because he and his son “needed to use the facilities” and that once Mitchel got inside, he pulled a knife on him.

Considering those details, it was pretty clear at the time that the black hotel worker saw the two young white girls walking back to their hotel rooms on their own and thought they were easy prey and most likely planned to rape them, but was shocked to find the father inside the room after he was allowed in and pulled the knife.

Now, considering that the autopsy revealed that he was extremely intoxicated, it makes even more sense to think that he planned to rape the girls and that he got violent when he found out they weren’t alone.

Meanwhile, a separate analysis of the revised autopsy has been performed by the Maryland Chief Medical Examiner at the behest of Hapgood’s legal team.

They found that the cocaine in Mitchel’s bloodstream was ‘twice that commonly accepted to have a fatal outcome’. It potentially caused his lungs to fill with blood and suffocated him.

According to medical experts, 900 nanograms of cocaine per milliliter in a person’s bloodstream is enough to kill them. Toxicology tests shows Mitchel had 1,900 nanograms per milliliter.

The tests further revealed that Mitchell also had traces of marijuana in his system, as well as blood alcohol level of 0.18.

According to the Times, the new report may ‘bolster’ the defense’s claim that Mitchel was acting aggressively and erratically when he showed up unannounced at the Hapgood’s hotel suite.

But are all black males who act aggressively and erratically heavily intoxicated?

It seems that “aggressively and erratically” is just the way black males behave, which means that Scott Hapgood literally killed a black male for being black and acting black.