We Officially Have a Mess

If you go to the Twitter page of Donald Trump right now, this is what it looks like:

Three out of the five tweets President Trump has posted since he woke up are being censored by Twitter.

This is utterly out of control – Twitter has decided that they are in charge of the election process, and they will not let the President get in the way.

This is why I told you, as soon as I was censored overwhelmingly in 2017, that this internet censorship was the number one issue.

All these years later, I guess we’re having that conversation.

It’s going to be much too little, much too late.

You can still see the President’s tweets now by clicking them, but this is the preshow for actually blocking him, which they will almost certainly do in the upcoming hours, under the guise of “the safety of democracy.” They will also block anyone who supports him. There is nothing stopping them from doing that right now. As the laws exist, or at least as they’re being enforced, they have absolute control over reality itself.

Here are the new tweets:

He retweeted the Matt Mackowiak tweet because it was blocked in the Matt Walsh tweet (Walsh is quote-tweeting Mackowiak).

What that tweet shows is that on the AP election map (which is the one that all of the other sites are basing their results on), they updated the vote in Michigan and 100% of the new votes went to Biden.

The “percentage counted” went from 77.3%-90.9% to 79.8%-93.8%, and Biden went from 46.75% to 48.42%, indicating that 100% of newly counted ballots were for Biden.

Note that they are also now using ranges for the “percentage counted” to indicate they don’t know how many more votes there are.

Twitter is completely censoring the discussion of this.

Current Status

This is the current map on New York Times:

Right now, it looks like Biden is being given Wisconsin and probably Michigan. Arizona is pretty much locked for Biden. Nevada may or may not flip for Trump. Trump will likely get Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. Alaska is probably locked for Trump.

ABC News lets you build your own map, and this is what I’ve come up with as the most likely scenario we will be looking at later this week:

Of course, Michigan isn’t decided yet; that could go for Trump still, which would mean he wins outright as long as all of the other states go for him. Pennsylvania is statistically impossible for Trump to lose based on what they’ve said about the number of ballots they have, but it’s possible they could find more.

There is rampant, obvious fraud.

Along with the situation in Michigan mentioned above, there is something very weird going on in Wisconsin. Biden had a “miraculous” surge, after it looked clear for Trump.

(I should note that I was watching MSNBC when that “surge” came in, and they all seemed to expect it. They were saying things like “waiting for some good news from Wisconsin,” and didn’t appear even a little bit surprised when the miracle happened.)

As many have pointed out, the Supreme Court ruling, which says that the Pennsylvania ballots don’t need to have a postmark, is a license to print ballots.

Twitter is censoring people for mentioning this.

The Jewish Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, has said that he won’t allow Trump to win.

(Meanwhile, Josh’s cousin Ben is telling the people about how “deeply irresponsible” Trump is.)

There is clear fraud going on in all three of those top states. Probably elsewhere also, though it isn’t currently visible.

What’s Next?

They are all attempting to confuse this situation, but this is what happened: they tried to win the election without fake votes, and they couldn’t do it. So, when these states were about to switch to Trump, they stopped counting and started finding new mail-in ballots.

Almost certainly, over the next couple of days – and they will stretch it out as long as possible, several states are talking about waiting until Friday to announce – they will decide that in some pattern, Joe Biden got enough votes to be the winner. The media will announce him as the winner.

This will then go to the Supreme Court. Maybe the court will decide that what they’ve done is not okay, and they can’t win with all of these fake ballots. Or, maybe the court will side with Democrats? There is no way to know, but the fact that the court sided with the Democrats on the ability to stretch out this count – something that they would only want to do so they could start finding all of these ballots – indicates that they will side with Democrats.

The president will then have to decide whether he will honor the decision of the court.

Are You Down to Ride?

My advice is that at his point, given that we know as a matter of fact they are stealing the election: President Trump should refuse to leave office under any circumstances. He should call on the people of this country to go out in the street and support him. And he should order the military to defend him.

What we saw on Wednesday morning is that he wants to ride or die.

I will back President Trump 100%, and I suggest that you make a decision about whether you are willing to do that. You will be punished if we lose.

This is all going to get very messy when they ban him and all of us from the internet. If Trump digs in and they decide to try to oust him, they will go beyond social media censorship. They will tell ISPs to hard block entire ranges of sites in order to keep the information about what they are doing from getting out to the public.

I do not presently have a clear idea as to how this will play out when communications are shut down. We could actually end up in a situation of mass violence. I don’t think that is the most likely scenario, but it is possible.

If that happens, remember this: whatever you do, there is no point in engaging with Antifa. They are infinite respawn and nothing they do actually matters. They are just an annoyance, meant to draw you out into pointless conflict.

All of you need to save the Daily Stormer Tor address right now:


That address can be accessed using the Brave Browser (“open private window with Tor”) or by using Tor Browser. Frankly, I would download Tor Browser right now, because if they lock down the internet, they will stop downloads of that.

Of course, my ability to give you information is going to be limited, given that I will be as locked out as you. But hey – at least we’ll have each other. It will be good for your sanity to be able to access the site. Further, although I’m not going to be certain what’s going on, I do have sources and I will stay better informed than the average person.

Stay Calm

Whatever happens, the White Man will survive. God wills it.

Don’t get downhearted and definitely do not panic. Keep your head on your shoulders. Take care of yourself and take care of your people. Do believe what you believe is right by God.

This isn’t over until it’s over.