We Live in a Society: Japan Train Stabber Dressed as the Joker

Joker attacks are part and parcel of living in a major metropolitan city.

USA Today:

A man dressed in Batman’s Joker costume and brandishing a knife on a Tokyo commuter train on Sunday stabbed several passengers before starting a fire, which sent people scrambling to escape and jumping from windows, police and witnesses said.

The Tokyo Fire Department said 17 passengers were injured, including three seriously. Not all of them were stabbed and most of the other injuries were not serious, the agency said.

The attacker, identified as a 24-year-old man, was arrested on the spot and was being investigated on suspicion of attempted murder, NHK said. His motive was not immediately known.

Nippon Television reported that the suspect told police that he wanted to kill and get a death penalty, and that he used an earlier train stabbing case as an example.

Witnesses told police that the attacker was wearing a bright outfit — a green shirt, a blue suit and a purple coat — like the Joker in Batman comics or someone going to a Halloween event, according to media reports.

Tokyo police officials said the attack happened inside the Keio train near the Kokuryo station.

Television footage showed a number of firefighters, police officials and paramedics rescuing the passengers, many of whom escaped through train windows. In one video, passengers were running from another car, where flames were gushing.

NHK said the suspect, after stabbing passengers, poured a liquid resembling oil from a plastic bottle and set fire, which partially burned seats.

I mean.


Society has driven people off of a cliff with this virus hoax. Before that, Japan had similar problems with an unmarried male population (the result of women wanting to have careers). In general, men do not enjoy being unmarried and childless in their thirties.

Obviously, most men are going to be able to handle the incel life. Fewer and fewer, however, are able to handle the compounding factors of this nightmare hoax, and the basic human alienation that goes along with it.

I’d say we can expect a rising number of Jokers as we continue this slide into the abyss.

The Jokes will continue until marriage rates improve.