Watch: Woman Wearing Hijab Hurls Racial Abuse at Indian Man on a London Bus

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2019

That’s a very diverse bus ride right there. I’m amazed at the strength of London, which no doubt is a direct consequence of taking multiculturalism to the next level.

Daily Mail:

Police have today pictured a woman in a hijab who is suspected of hurling racist abuse at an ‘Indian’ man in front of passengers on a bus.

Commuters were horrified when the girl screamed in the face of the man on the 195 bus in Hayes, west London.

The fight is said to have erupted after the girl’s mother got into an argument with the bus driver after claiming it was overcrowded.

6 Simple Steps to Achieve Strength Through Diversity:

  1. Let browns and blacks from shithole countries flood your country
  2. Give them prizes for doing that
  3. Give them special privileges
  4. Watch as they destroy your neighborhoods
  5. Listen to their complaints about how overcrowded your country is
  6. Stop the diverse-skinned permanent guests from killing each other

If you follow this simple guide, you’ll be stronger — because as we all know, Diversity is Our Strength.

The Metropolitan Police took the unusual step of issuing mobile phone footage from the September 14 incident, which was circulated on social media.

Officers appealed for the public’s help in tracking the woman down.

But she’s a brown MOSLEM WOMAN though. If the officers tracking her down are not people of color themselves, then trying to identify her would clearly be a white supremacist act of hatred for the color of her skin.

The passenger had become irritated by the girl’s behaviour towards the bus driver and asked her mother to tell her to stop shouting, which is when she hurled abuse at him.

When the male passenger got involved in the argument, the girl shouted at him: ‘You smell of curry you dumb b**** go back to your f****** Southall slum!

Her mother is then seen restraining the girl, to which she responds ‘no let me hit’.

The man can be heard taunting her, telling her the bus passengers agree with him, claiming ‘everyone’s on my side’.

To this the young girl replies: ‘Ok bye b****! Go back to your f****** Southall slum!’

You may be thinking that MOSLEM WOMEN of all women would know how to behave and to respect a man, and that MOSLEM MEN would control their women properly. That’s correct, but it only really applies to other MOSLEMS.

Without the white man’s intervention, MOSLEMS and People of Curry will start killing each other — just like they do in their shitholes.

It is the duty of white people to guarantee that diversity doesn’t kill itself.