Watch: Teacher Turns Classroom Into Gay Nightclub

These white women are saying “you’re never too young for pride.”

What does that mean?

Well, the only thing it can possibly mean is “you’re never too young for anal sex.”

That is what these people are talking about: they are talking about anal sex with men. That is what “homosexuality” means. There is no other definition of “homosexual” than “a man who shoves his penis into another man’s anus and uses it to masturbate, or a man who allows other men to use his anus to masturbate.”

Remember when they told you that pedophilia was the only thing you were allowed to be outraged about? You couldn’t be against gays or roving bands of negro youths. You couldn’t be against Jews or women. The single thing you were allowed to oppose was “pedophilia.”

So… what is the status on that? Now you have to support pedophilia, and be against… Russians?