Watch: Righteous Lightning Strikes Disgusting Wind Turbine in Texas

I keep telling you people: God hates windmills.

Fox News:

A Texas wind turbine caught on fire after reportedly being struck by lightning, according to a man who began recorded video of th incident.

Brent Havins told Fox News Digital that he was working at a cell tower in the area when he saw a lightning bolt hit the wind turbine in Crowell, Texas, and pulled out his cell phone to begin recording.

The wind turbine then caught on fire while it was spinning, creating circles of smoke in the air.

As more of the wind turbine’s blades were engulfed in flames, they began to fall off the massive electricity producer, which eventually stopped spinning.

Everyone already knew that God hates fags.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t realize he hates something so faggy as windmills.

This windmill thing, man…

Well, what do you say? Are windmills worse than child trannies? No, not in a literal or practical sense.

But trannies are some kind of metaphysical thing. The claim that some type of evil ethereal force is trapping souls in the wrong bodies can’t actually be disproved. It’s a super bizarre claim, but you can’t disprove it.

You can however disprove the claim that “fossil fuels” are going to be replaced with windmills.

So, in some ways, windmills are worse than trannies, yes.

These people are now saying that they’re going to power tanks and jet planes with windmills and use them to fight World War III against Russians and Chinese using normal machinery. There are a lot of problems with the idea of a “green world,” I think, but the most obvious problem is that you would lose. Then China and Russia would rule the world, and change the weather with carbon dioxide.