Watch: Racist Irish Teen Girls Lose Their Shit When They Hear a Mexican Speaking Spanish in Dublin

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2019

Highlights from the girls’ talking points:

  • He doesn’t belong there
  • Why is he there if he doesn’t belong there?
  • He’s an immigrant that was born in a different country
  • The girls think the Mexican is a pedophile who’s taking videos of a kid
  • Their problem is that he doesn’t belong in that country
  • Why is he there?
  • Why is he a pedophile?
  • He’s a pedophile taking a video of 12-year-old kids
  • One of the girls physically attacks him
  • What’s their problem? He’s their problem
  • Why take videos of teenage girls?
  • He’s taking videos of teenage girls
  • He’s an immigrant
  • If he deletes the videos, one of the girls will accept his apologies
  • The girls say they lost their shit because he was taking videos of them first

These girls were hanging out with a diverse-skinned biker kid so they are not quite ARYAN WAIFU material, but nonetheless the video is pretty funny.

Daily Mail:

Two young Irish girls unleashed a tirade of anti-immigrant abuse at a Mexican man who was speaking Spanish during a phone call in Dublin.

A video thread of the disturbing encounter earlier this month was captured by the alleged victim – a man named Dave Monklova – and shared to Twitter, where it has since gone viral.

This is the Mexican that was clearly following the girls around:

Dave Monklova

From 1:45 in the video:

“Why are you a pedophile?”

Well, I’m from Mexico.

Mr Monklova also shared the footage in a group on Facebook made up of Mexicans living in the Irish capital.

He claims the youngsters assaulted him off camera and broke his earphones but in subsequent posts made sure to say that the incident was an isolated one and Ireland has been a largely positive experience for him during his one year living there.

Mr Monklova said he was in a neighbourhood in South Dublin making his way to a friends house to watch the Champions League final on June 1 when he was set upon by two girls who began their ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ onslaught.

Describing the incident the same evening, he said he went through an ‘unpleasant experience with some young Irish people’.

He added: ‘I called my friend and when they heard me speak Spanish, they told me: ‘You are in Ireland you must speak English’, I ignored them as any other [person] would do then I began to record them just in case they kept saying ‘you are an immigrant, return to your country’.’ 

In the video shared online the girls can clearly be heard telling Monklova: ‘You don’t belong here.’

‘No I don’t belong, I’m a student and what’s your problem with that?’ Monklova asks calmly in response.

‘Cause you’re an immigrant and you were born in a different country,’ says one of the girls.

Both girls then begin screaming into his camera and swearing at him before a young boy arrives and exposes his buttocks to Monklova, who is repeatedly branded a ‘peadophile’ by the girls who are clearly discontented by him videoing them.

The victim said he contacted the Irish police and even his own embassy in Dublin. He also revealed in a later post on Facebook that family members of the girls had been in touch with him. 

He said: ‘I appreciate the multiple samples of solidarity that both Mexicans and Irish have expressed to me, including relatives of the people involved.

‘It is an isolated incident that does not reflect the true hospitality that characterizes the Irish in general, this is a lesson for both parts we must all learn some of this, after living a year here I have never had anything similar.

Imagine if all women went nuts like this when seeing some foreigner.

Feels good.

Not everything is what it seems, though.

If this Mexican played his cards rights, he could have ended up banging the brunette.

That girl was visibly interested in him.

She was clearly enjoying the whole exchange.

You know this because she spent a lot of time and effort trying to engage the filthy Mexican while the other girl and the boys were just like “chill let’s just go elsewhere,” and her facial expressions signaled some kind of twisted attempt at hate-flirting reminiscent of women with Borderline Personality Disorder.

She also hit him. She got tired of waiting for him to initiate physical contact and went for the safe “not a slut” thing, which is physically “attacking” him.

He may still end up banging her now that he’s in contact with her parents since they’ll most likely push her into it as a way to atone for her racist sins, but she’d have been more into it if he had playfully teased her instead of trying to defuse the situation.

It’s a kind of Judo.

You can transmute intense emotions into something that benefits you. Everything but indifference works.

Remember: women can’t control their emotions… but you can.

If a woman is acting towards you like that brunette acted and you want to bang her, you have to throw more wood onto the fire first. You have to keep on the offense by acting like an unmovable rock that did nothing wrong (don’t raise your voice and don’t apologize, you can answer “no, you did” with a small grin to everything if you’re not feeling particularly creative) until she’s about to lose the last bit of shit she didn’t know she still had and THEN you do your SUPER SEX JUDO MOVE.

Your SUPER SEX JUDO MOVE will vary depending on the context.

If you can’t bang her right there because there’s people or whatever, you’ll want to insert a bit of humor and start teasing, playfully mocking and even playfully taunting her until a smile (no matter how small) escapes her lips. Once you’ve broken through her defenses, you’d have successfully converted what looked like hatred in pure sexual tension that you can later use to satisfy your own sick patriarchal desires.

If you can bang her right there, you may want to combine playful teasing with physical touch. The kind of touch will depend on you and your relationship with the screaming banshee, but your go-to move should be grabbing one of her hands and doing the teasing while pulling her towards you. You can continue talking while looking her in the eye and, once she’s close enough, alternate between her lips and eyes if she’s still talking like a possessed creep and she’ll get it.

If she doesn’t get it she’ll probably squeeze your balls until they bleed.

But hey, if you do this right, you two will bang. Okay?