Watch: Homosexual Teaches Young Kid How to Pole Dance in Pennsylvania Anal Event

Conservatives support home schooling but don’t believe that mothers should be allowed to bring their young sons to be molested and indoctrinated by homosexuals at anal events.

Care to explain this difference, Ted Cruz?

It’s fine.

Just don’t even worry about it.

If you want to be morally outraged about something, please look into what Russia is doing to the Ukraine people, or what China is doing to Taiwan people. Democracy dies in darkness – not on a gay child stripper pole.

The other thing you really need to be concerned about is Dane Cook being 50 and married to a woman who is only 23. That’s the real grooming. This gay stuff is just our values and who we are in a rules-based order.

But the age gap on Dane Cook is beyond the pale, and the government should be looking to close it. Given the historical age gaps between men and women, Dane Cook should have to marry a woman who is older than him. He should have to marry a woman who is 60 or 70.

Tell Biden to keep supporting this child homosexual instruction program, but also let him know that it’s time to close the age gap loopholes for white heterosexual men.