Watch: Dozens of Mother Earth Cultists Sabotage Petrol Stations Across London

It’s so exhausting.

The government, media, academia, and the medical establishment are colluding to mutilate children, and people are fixated on a fantastical, gibberish hoax about how driving a car is going to change the weather.

Most people on earth would die if you stopped using “fossil fuels.” Maybe not most, but a lot of people in America and Africa would die, then the populations all over would start to dwindle.

Windmills don’t work. They just don’t work. There is little else to say on the topic of windmills. But these people are talking about wind-powered tanks and jet planes to fight World War III with Russia and China.

It’s just all nonsense.

Carbon dioxide is actually the gas of life, and increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would increase crop yields. If you actually wanted to reduce greenhouse gasses to cool the earth, you’d be focused on water vapor, which makes up 95% of the atmospheric particles that intensify the sun’s heat.

Building gigantic dehumidifiers and placing them all over the globe would surely be much easier than total deindustrialization, no?

But why do they want to make the globe colder in the first place? It doesn’t make any basic sense. A lot more people die from freezing to death than from… heating to death. If you’re not in a desert, it’s unlikely you’re going to heat to death. If average temperatures rose ten degrees, all that would mean would be that parts of Canada and Russia would become fertile.

As far as sea levels potentially rising to the point where water is coming into cities – maybe ask the Dutch to help out with that? I mean, the Netherlands does exist, right?

As far as I know, the Netherlands exists.

Maybe it’s all a plot to keep Siberia basically inhabitable? If Siberia was primo real estate, Russia would be sitting pretty.

Here’s the thing: carbon emissions are not actually changing the weather. This is a lie. They are lying to you on purpose to push an agenda.