Watch: Armed IRS Agents Wearing Bulletproof Vests Train to Arrest People

Haha. People were saying this wasn’t real, hahaha. The IRS is coming to kill everyone haha.

They’ve got an Islamic assault-tank unit at the top of the squad, haha.

Seriously though: people are saying this “we’re arming the IRS” thing is some kind of psy-op, because it doesn’t make sense why they would need to send the IRS to kill you when they could just send the FBI or the BATF or whatever.

After seeing the pictures and videos, it does kind of look like a psy-op. It’s not clear at all when an IRS agent would need to shoot someone, and they’re making this big deal out of it.

That said, at this point, if they just started sending brown people and wheelchair hajis to murder people and loot their safes in the name of tax collection, I wouldn’t really be totally surprised. The other thing is: the IRS is hiring 87,000 new people. The FBI only has a total of 35,000 employees.

If all of these new IRS agents are going to be armed and trained in home invasion and murder tactics, then this can just be looked at as a new fed standing army. For comparison: 90,000 is probably the number of Russian troops that were sent in the initial invasion of the Ukraine (if you google it, you’ll find Zelensky and the Pentagon saying 200,000 invaded, but then you see that the Pentagon said 2 weeks ago that 80,000 Russians have died. They are dumb liars lying to even dumber morons, so they overestimated the invasion size so they could overestimate the death toll.)

Imagine if the government had said they were hiring 87,000 new FBI agents. People probably would have been more upset about that. But the Democrats told their people that the 87,000 IRS agents were being hired to audit America’s 600 billionaires.