Watch: ABC Publishes Instagram Video Encouraging “Queer Youth” to Masturbate

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Why shouldn’t queer youth masturbate while they’ve got cocks to jerk?

You might think adults telling little children to jack off is weird, but what you need to understand is that these kids are all scheduled to have their dicks cut off. So I mean, if I was 6, and knew my dick was scheduled to be cut off when I turned 10, I’m being jerking fr fr no-cap mf.

Daily Mail:

The ABC has come under fire for uploading a highly sexualised video to Instagram and asking their audience when they last masturbated.

It was posted to the public broadcaster’s ABCQueer Instagram page for their LBTQIA youth audience on Wednesday and their ABCHealth Instagram page last week.

In the video, ABC Health’s Dr Naomi Koh Belic discusses the health benefits of masturbation, holds up a handful of vibrators and sex toys and refers to men who masturbate as ‘sausage strokers’ and women as ‘taco touchers’.

The post was criticised by Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes who called the clip a waste of tax payer money, saying the content was too extreme for a young audience.

The video begins with Dr Belic holding up a series of different vibrators and telling her viewers that ‘masturbating is good for you’.

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