Wartime Production Levels in Peacetime with This One Weird Trick That Destroys the Human Soul

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2019

People like to talk about all kinds of “isms” – conservatism, liberalism, capitalism, communism, multiculturalism, Islamism, globalism, etc.

In reality, there is only one ism that is relevant to our age: consumerism.

Both as an ideology and as an applied science, consumerism is the idea that human beings exist to produce and consume products in an endless cycle of pleasure-pain exchange. It is a complete image of man’s purpose in the universe, and it works on all people.

For all of mankind’s existence in the universe, we viewed ourselves mainly as divine beings, with a relationship to God, with the purpose of our existence consisting of two things:

  • Relationships with other human beings: family, friends, spouses, children. There was some pursuit of art and of entertainment, as well as some pursuits of spiritual enlightenment, but all of that revolved around strengthening human relationships.
  • Overcoming adversity: a man needs challenges in order to be fulfilled.

Before the dawn of the industrial age, 99% of men had a job either:

  • Hunting or
  • Farming

And women’s only job was cooking, keeping house and raising children.

Most generations also fought a war, as this kind of violence is hardwired into men. It’s an evolutionary instinct to ensure the survival of the fittest in a universe of limited resources.

Our goals were not to collect and consume trivial plastic objects, clothing, electronics, entertainment media, vacations, dining experiences, etc., because these things did not exist, and no one could imagine them existing.

It’s a New Era

Industrial society made consumerism possible, because it made unlimited resource production possible.

After WWII, we had a situation where those in power had seen the ability of people to use industrial machinery to produce goods on a scale wildly beyond anything in all of history. And so when the war ended, the concept of advertisement – which had come out of the field of psychology, through Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays – was deployed against the population on a mass scale.

People could be put to work in order to create products to sell to each other. They would produce more product so they could consume more product.

Television was the glue that binds. As I recently heard the bizarre but sometimes insightful comic book writer Alan Moore say in an interview, once “I Love Lucy” was put on TV, everyone was seeing a people with a family home that was much nicer than their own family home, seeing people who were much more fashionable than they were, and seeing people who were using appliances that they did not have.

Then, during the advertising breaks, people were told where to buy these products to make their lives better.

So people went to work to create these products. So they could buy these products.

Thus Western society, and eventually the entire world, entered into a compulsive loop.

Now, everything is a product. Our entire existence revolves around the production-consumption process. We have built a pathological system that uses us for its own purposes, as we increasingly become isolated and atomized, divorced from our own humanity.

We’re All in This System – And It is In Us

We all know of the ultimate product-consumer, which is the bugman, who watches all of this media and lines his home with sometimes very expensive trinkets that are advertised by this media.

The reverse of this is the heroin addict, whose existence is based entirely on the consumption of a single product. He is generally either too dumb, too emotionally ruined or too disadvantaged by other circumstance to get into Rat Park. He steals to fuel his consumption, but someone paid for the things he steals, so the product-consumer loop is closed by him as well.

Those are the most extreme cases, and all normal people look at them with horror and disdain.

But we are all in this.

All of these things are marketed products:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Everything in your house or apartment
  • Entertainment media
  • Newsmedia
  • Music
  • Cars
  • Appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • University studies
  • Furniture
  • Restaurants

White men consume much less of this than other groups, which is one of the main reasons they are being targeted by this system.

But we still consume a lot of product, particularly those that simulate masculinity and which aid attempts to have sex – and the sex itself, or at least the pursuit of it, is a consumer product.


  • Play video games
  • Engage the sports industrial complex
  • Engage in fashion
  • Go to the gym
  • Go to trendy bars or clubs
  • Use grooming products
  • Buy cars
  • Employ diet advice
  • Travel internationally
  • Engage with online applications to communicate with women
  • Put on facades of what we are told it is that men should be by advertising

Obviously, most of this stuff I’ve listed is currently necessary to simply exist in a modern society. And obviously, not all of it is intrinsically negative.

The Ride Never Ends

The fundamental problem with this system is that men are not actually directing it. It is self-propelled by the profit motive and advertising technology, and anything that can be created and sold will be created and sold.

The more that this system damages our ability to experience real life, the more product we desire to consume.

We have entered into a downward spiral.

There are no checks or balances on any of it.

A real critique of consumerism is more difficult than a critique of any other Jewish invention, because there is virtually no one outside of this spiral, and anyone who is isn’t interested in telling other people about it.

There was this one guy who tried it.

But nobody listened to him.

Even whilst he was speaking in the one language that this system might be capable of understanding.

What is incredible about this system is that it is completely impossible to get out of once you are in it. And a society can’t not be in this. You cannot run a modern economy without using this system, meaning that you do not have an ability to exist as a nation without it.

You will be hunted down and forced to consume.

A Universal and Unstoppable Force

The fact that advertisement works on all humans means that it is a temptation that cannot ever be escaped once it is presented.

It is a forbidden fruit that no one realizes is a forbidden fruit, because the product itself doesn’t necessarily violate the laws of any moral system other than asceticism, which has never been a mainstream ideology in any society (other than certain communist societies, ironically enough).

Because of this, consumerism is a system that can and will overcome and overpower any existing system, without anyone having to make a religious conversion or an evident ideological shift.

It happens without anyone even knowing what is happening.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country that still observes religious law from the Middle Ages. It is also a country with gigantic shopping malls everywhere, where people go to purchase product to consume.

As people become less and less connected to one another, they lose their sense of self. This in fact leads to the construction of an identity based upon consumer habits. That is from whence the left in particular draws their concept of “individualism” – it is defined by consumer behavior patterns.

But there is no qualitative difference between the identities of people who consume products exclusively for the sake of pleasure. You end up with a universal identity based around abject hedonism.

Eventually, all product will appeal to all people. The product will be perfected and the product will mold the people into what it wants the people to be.

Everyone on earth will become interchangeable units in the Infernal Pleasure Machine, existing for no other reason than to feed the machine.


There is simply no way to understand anything about reality or the human experience without first asking: why do we exist?

As stated above, it is my assertion that the reason has always been the same: as a species, we exist in order to connect with other people and to reproduce. But there are very large differences in the gender roles.

Men are producers.

Men exist in order to work with other men in their in-group to fight and overcome adversity, to protect and care for women and children, so that the species may continue. Men get emotional rewards from providing for and protecting the community from enemies. Men want to get together, to form hierarchies and to accomplish goals. Group productivity, and mutual group approval based on the contributions of individuals to the group effort, is peak male socialization.

If it were possible to create a meaningful critique of masculinity, it would be based on the idea that men seek out adversity and even create conflict in order to overcome it. However, my rebuttal to that would simply be that such behavior is fulfilling the meaning of human existence, and thus fundamentally cannot be critiqued.

The most popular video games are masculinity simulators.

Men need some form of meaningful work. Farming is less meaningful than hunting, while factory work is almost completely devoid of meaning. Modern work is varying degrees of meaninglessness, but the cubicle is arguably worse than the factory.

So those of us who still maintain a masculine soul dream of old times.

Of coming together with our brothers in the name of blood and glory.

Conversely, women have always been consumers.

And this consumer society is a paradise for them.

They do not create.

They are given food by men. They are given shelter by men. They are given clothing by men.

They are empty vessels to be filled with the things that men produce.

Even the sex act itself is a man giving something to a woman to consume. If you’ve ever had sex (or viewed a pornographic video), you are aware that the woman receives much more pleasure from the act than the man. And the man is inserting a part of himself into the woman to give her this pleasure. He is the one thrusting up and down, doing the work to please her.

The ultimate gift to the woman is the child itself, which the man has inserted into the woman, that she may find pleasure in it.

And those children then grow up to serve her.

Of course now, there are much better products than children for a woman to consume. And men have bred small dogs for her to mitigate that particular biological instinct.

And this is key: whereas men seek out conflict, because it is inside of conflict that we are the most productive, women seek to defuse conflict, as it could interrupt their consumption. This is why women and feminine men argue for an open borders world where everyone “just gets along.” (The exception is when the conflict involves men competing for her approval, but this is low stakes and petty.)

This is where you will find an explanation as to why every single multinational corporation is shoving homosexuality down your throat.

Homosexuals are the perfect producer-consumer. They have the production nature of men combined with the consumer nature of women.

Homosexuals are the product of the technological consumerist system.

Apology and Critique are Equally Devoid of Inherent Meaning

Although it is difficult from our current vantage point, we can probably vaguely envision a technological society where man’s drive to overcome adversity is expressed in a more meaningful way than being a corporate ladder-climber, a pick-up artist, a video game enthusiast, a pathological toy collector.

But there is no discussion of that. Instead, we have equally meaningless defenses and attacks on consumerist society.

The apology for consumerism is always that our lives are “easier” due to the abundance of product. This apologist has unfortunately forgotten to include the meaning of human existence in his apology.

The critique is almost always an economic one, and this is entirely useless. The consumerist system is an economic problem only insofar as getting shot in head is a lead problem. Economics were necessary for the creation of the situation, just as lead was necessary for the creation of the situation of a bullet going through your skull, but you do not solve a hole in your head by deconstructing or condemning the nature of the chemical element of lead.

Left-wing communists do not actually criticize the consumption of product, they simply claim that everyone should have the product. Of course, this isn’t actually a critique of consumerism, because the goal of consumerism is for everyone to consume the product. The entire Chomskyite critique has more or less been completely abandoned by left-wing communists. In actual fact, left-wing communism has stopped being coherent, because as far as anyone can gather, they appear to be demanding what already exists.

Right-wing communists (Stalinists/Tankies) may be able to offer a meaningful critique from an ostensibly economic perspective, but they would ultimately be talking about a complete reshaping of the fundamental structure of human society, and more or less lying about idea that it is an economic issue. Further, though the critique may hold water, arguing the positive defense for an authoritarian communist system is difficult on a number of levels. Firstly, people don’t really want to live under such a system and so there is no path to establishing it. Secondly, such a state would not be competitive internationally, and would thus be crushed by consumer-driven nations, in the same way that the last existing communist holdouts of North Korea and Cuba will ultimately be crushed. We are reminded of the fact that the Amish are only able to enjoy their anti-consumerist lifestyle because they are living in territory protected by the US military.

This is an existential crisis of spirit and being in the universe.

But any religious critique is neutered by factors inherent to the system. Religion has become a consumer product, and a product which critiques itself is a bad product. Further, as stated above, consumption is not itself a sin, so the point at which a religious critique would begin is unclear.

Ultimately, the difficulty in forming a real critique of the consumerist system is that we exist inside of it. It is who we all are. So imagining anything outside of it is like imagining being a fish or a bird. Even if we were allowed to look at the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, that is at this point not much different than looking at ancient Rome.

Only One Exit

There is no way to right this course.

A guy tried to right the course, back when you still could have done so. It was before things really picked up steam, but during a time when visionaries warning of the world to come if the technological society was left to its own devices and not protected by a prescriptive ideology positively identifying man’s role in the universe.

That didn’t work out.

I will not put myself alongside Julius Evola or the others who gave warnings 100 years ago about our current situation, as I’m not really offering anything new here, but I will tell you that I have seen the future.

We are headed directly for a dystopian hellscape, where digital advertisement is pumped directly into your brain, and every human on earth is a perfect input-output device to be used by this system that exists outside of us as a kind of satanic soul-trap.

At this point, the system has to fail. 

So basically, the bottom line is this:

Wake the fuck up, Samurai.

We have a city to burn.