Wales: Parents’ Lawsuit Against Perverted Indoctrination in Schools Fails

Yeah, well.

We’re already at the state-enforced homosexuality part of the future, unfortunately for you.


A last-minute legal bid to block the teaching of relationships and sexuality education (RSE) in schools has failed.

Five parents wanted to withdraw their children from the mandatory lessons from the start of the new term or stop the rollout of RSE altogether in Wales.

At the High Court, judge Mrs Justice Tipples said an injunction would cause “very substantial disruption” just days before the start of a new term.

Lawyers on behalf of the parents argued the new RSE code would amount to “indoctrination” but the Welsh government has insisted lessons will be “developmentally appropriate”.

The code is a mandatory part of the new curriculum for Wales which primary schools and some secondary schools have to deliver from September and from which parents are not able to withdraw their children.

The Welsh government said it was confident the reforms were “proportionate and lawful”.

Mrs Justice Tipples questioned the delay in bringing the application for an injunction to the court and said there was a “very strong public interest” in continuing with implementing the new curriculum from next week.

Relationships and sexuality education is a cross-cutting element of the Curriculum for Wales which becomes statutory for all primary schools and year 7 in some secondary schools from the start of the September term.

The judge accepted the matter being tried was “a serious issue” but she also ruled that there were no legal provisions on which she could direct ministers to block RSE.

She ordered that the claimants paid the Welsh government’s legal costs.

That’s even more hardcore.

Pay the government for questioning their right to force your children to have gay sex and be a tranny.

(Paying for the other party’s legal fees after losing is standard in the UK, but in a lot of situations where the plaintiff is being thought to be acting in good faith with regard to suing the government, they are not forced to pay. This is punitive – the woman had no right to question child anal.)

In submissions to the judge on Wednesday, barrister Paul Diamond, representing the five parents, said they were “fighting for their children”, likening it to a “David and Goliath” conflict.

He argued the approach to RSE would impose “a particular moral viewpoint” and he accused Welsh ministers of “extremism and intolerance”.

“We are talking about the most extreme ideological imposition on children in this country,” Mr Diamond said.

The Welsh government says RSE should cover themes such as rights and equity; sex, gender and sexuality; bodies and body image; sexual health and well-being; and violence, safety and support and it should develop understanding of different identities including LGBTQ+ lives.

This is just legalese for “we’re teaching your little kids to be faggots.”

We already know that.

It’s not some big mystery.

The RSE Code states content must be “developmentally appropriate” so the youngest children might learn about “asking for permission to share materials, for example toys; or learning about respecting personal boundaries”.

It does not specify exact topics but identifies themes to be covered for different ages.

But campaigners under the banner of Public Child Protection Wales claim it could mean that children are exposed to inappropriate themes and material from the age of three.

Yes, of course it is. The whole thing is run by homosexuals, and they are going to teach anal to your kids as soon as possible.

On behalf of Welsh ministers, barrister Emma Sutton said the purpose of RSE was to help pupils develop “as healthy, confident individuals by providing them with developmentally appropriate teaching that will give them a proper understanding of relationships and sexuality”.

“It has an emphasis on rights, equality, equity, and it seeks to enable pupils to understand and respect differences and diversity,” she added.

Education Minister Jeremy Miles then issued a statement in which he labelled some of the claims about the policy “profoundly wrong” and “deeply dangerous”.

This language is just so very tiresome.

Is Jeremy Miles a homosexual? He looks like it.

This is the BBC attacking parents for questioning the government’s right to teach gay anal to three-year-olds. That’s the government media.

This is beyond the pale dystopian.