Virginia: Man Arrested for “Criminal Trolling” of Some Black Asshole is Denounced by Own Mother

Daily Stormer
September 26, 2019

The Swoopening continues.

Last week, we reported on a black man who dropped out of a political race because someone said something mean to him online, and that the poor bastard was arrested for making fun of this whiny nigger.

The grizzly details of this brutal assault on freedom of speech are now emerging.

Perhaps the grizzliest detail of all is that the troll’s own mother denounced him as evil. I have never, ever heard of a mother denouncing her own children to the secret police before. If it occurred in the USSR or during Maoist times in China, it would be news to me because I don’t think that even people who had been brutally massacred and butchered in the millions by Communists for decades would have tolerated it.

Statesville Record & Landmark:

A white man charged with cyberstalking and making racist threats against a black activist in Virginia was ordered Monday to remain in custody, in a case that could test the boundaries of when online trolling becomes a criminal threat.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Wilson ordered Daniel McMahon to continue to be jailed, saying his mental instability, ability to obtain firearms and praise of mass shootings in Pittsburgh and Charleston, South Carolina, through his online communications raise concerns he poses a threat to the community.

“He is cheering on mass shooters. That is what really bothers me,” Wilson said of the 31-year-old Brandon, Florida, man. “This is a red flag.”

What kind of red flag?

Although to be fair, this is disrespectful to the USSR, which actually had more freedom of speech than the USSA now and was a place where mothers loved their children and did what they could to protect them from secret police, not sell them down the river for being mean to niggers on the Internet.

McMahon’s defense attorney asked the magistrate to let him be released into the custody of his father on $50,000 bond. Attorney Nicholas Matassini argued that McMahon’s diatribes were only political speech.

“It’s protected by the law. I don’t think it exhibits any manifest danger to the community,” Matassini said.

A few minutes later, Assistant U.S. Attorney Carlton Gammons told the judge it wasn’t free speech.

The First Amendment is being whittled away before our very eyes.

And of course: they won’t print the actual quotes. As far as we know, this guy could have sent the Navy Seal Copypasta to this nigger.

And it had to be something like that, or they would print the quotes or at least describe the content as something other than “a threat of violence.”

The fact that the lawyer is saying it was free political speech indicates that there is very serious room for confusion here.

“Any threat of violence against another person is not free speech,” Gammons said. “You can’t do that.”

An indictment unsealed last week in Virginia said McMahon expressed white supremacist views on his social media accounts. It said McMahon used his social media accounts to intimidate the activist, Don Gathers, and interfere with his campaign to run for a seat on the Charlottesville, Virginia, city council.

During Monday’s hearing, the prosecutor presented as evidence some of the comments McMahon had made on social media, including ones repeating that Gathers needed to be stopped through “a diversity of tactics.” Gammons said that term meant physical violence.

Oof. Here we go again. Going full exto on social media is A VERY BAD IDEA, FOLKS.

Nothing good can come of it.

But, it seems that some people simply don’t care about trivialities like getting themselves and their online friends arrested or put on some sort of FBI watchlist.

If you do care about your well-being you should avoid these people like the plague.

That being said, McMahon didn’t deserve to have his own mother sell him out to the police. No one deserves that.

McMahon’s mother told detectives that her son didn’t like African Americans, Jews or gay people and that she worried her son exhibited some of the characteristics of mass shooters, said Siobhan Maseda, a detective for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, who assisted in McMahon’s arrest.

The evidence continues to mount. Western wahmen HATE their own sons and go out of their way to hurt them in any way that they can purely out of spite and a twisted ideology fed to them by Jews and other nasty women.

Their punishment will be very severe. 

Former Justice Department attorney Justin Levitt, a law professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, said he doesn’t know of any other recent cases in which someone has been charged with the federal crime of interfering with a candidate for elective office. The Justice Department doesn’t prosecute internet trolls for spewing hateful messages; the conduct must rise to the level of an actual threat of violence or something similarly serious, Levitt said.

This story is indeed unprecedented. We are seeing the First Amendment being redefined right before our eyes.

I would advise keeping your head down while in the online trenches and keeping your powder dry.

The Cyber simply isn’t for amateurs anymore.

Taking proper safety precautions like using a VPN, throwaway e-mail accounts and burner SIM cards before jacking into the Cyber battlefield are musts. 

Kids are getting swooped on left and right by the Cyber police.

That means that amateur hour is over. Time to go full cyber-warrior or go home.