Virginia Judge Refuses to Apply State Obscenity Laws to Obscene Children’s Books

These obscenity laws haven’t been enforced in years, because of Jews lobbying for their porno rights.

However, it used to be that “corrupting a minor” was also illegal. I guess it’s not anymore!

Just don’t make jokes about underage girls, goy!

Life Site News:

A judge in Virginia has dismissed a lawsuit that was seeking to have two obscene books banned from being distributed to minors at libraries and bookstores, including one book that depicts sex acts between a man and a boy.

Despite Virginia having obscenity laws on the books, Circuit Court Judge Pamela S. Baskervill ruled on Tuesday that the state’s law does not grant her the authority to determine if two books are specifically obscene for minors. She also invoked the right to free speech as protected under the First Amendment as part of her decision to dismiss the case.

The two books in question – a graphic novel called “Gender Queer” and a fantasy novel titled “A Court of Mist and Fury” – have caused outrage among parents for containing explicit illustrations and depictions of sexual acts.

“The illustrations in ‘Gender Queer’ are incredibly graphic and specific,” Stacy Langton, founder of the pro-family Mama Grizzly movement, which seeks to protect children from pornographic and sexual material in school libraries, relayed in an interview with Fox News.

“There’s an image of pedophilia, which is a boy that is engaged in a sex act with an adult male,” Langton explained.

“And then there are very X-rated images of other sexual acts that can’t be broadcast on television. And even the words in ‘Gender Queer’ cannot be read aloud on any media or printed. So how is it not obscene?” she questioned.

Explicit books of a sexual nature making their way into the hands of children has been a growing concern among American parents, particularly since the rise of the LGBT movement.

Last year in Pennsylvania, two school board members made headlines for publicly condemning the fact that one of the schools under the board’s purview placed pro-LGBT books on display in the library for children to read, as part of gay “pride month.”

Like “Gender Queer,” one of the books on display at the Pennsylvania school also contained “graphic descriptions” of sexual acts carried out by children, which one of the board members described as “nothing less than porn for youngsters.”


Porn for youngsters.

That is the entire school system now.