Viktor Orban Tells CPAC Crowd in Texas Hungarians Want Less Drag Queens and More Chuck Norris

Full video of Orban speech (pulled by Andrew Anglin after changing yet another Elvis Dunderhoff thumbnail and then realizing he didn’t even take the time to include the speech in this post)

Big news?

CPAC brought in Orban?

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Hungarians have decided they do not need any more genders, but would like to see “more Chuck Norris,” the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban told an American crowd on Thursday.

Addressing this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Dallas, Texas, Orban touched upon a range of his signature issues, including immigration, globalism, and woke culture. “[Hungarians] decided we don’t need more genders — we need more rangers,” Orban said.

“Less drag queens and more Chuck Norris!” he added, referring to the famous American martial artist and actor.

Orban delivered his remarks to rally the crowd ahead of the keynote speech of former US President Donald Trump, scheduled for Saturday. On Tuesday, he visited Trump at the latter’s golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Describing himself as an “old-fashioned freedom fighter,” Orban urged his largely Republican audience to “unite forces” against globalists, especially the “army” of Hungarian-born businessman George Soros, adding that progressive liberals did not want him to deliver this message.

The Hungarian PM also derided what he called the “leftish media.”

“I can already see tomorrow’s headlines: far-right European racist, anti-Semite strongman, the Trojan horse of Putin holds speech at the conservative conference,” he said, adding that his adversaries would do everything “to drive a wedge” between him and other people. “They hate me and slander me and my country as they hate you and slander you,” Orban declared.

Amid the EU states, Hungary is a vocal critic of the bloc’s policy of reducing or banning imports of Russian fossil fuel. Hungary was the only one of the EU’s 27 members to oppose the plan. Declaring it “simply impossible” to go without Russian energy, Budapest agreed to purchase an extra 700 million cubic meters of Russian gas.

Orban also commented on the recent controversy over his speech in Romania, in which he had said that Hungarians did not want to become a mixed race. The PM reiterated that he had always pursued a “zero-tolerance policy on racism and anti-Semitism,” castigating the people who accuse Hungarians of embracing this mindset as “idiots.” Orban added that a “Christian politician cannot be racist.”

Staying on the subject of Christianity, he noted that Americans and Hungarians share the same values, which may be a solution to many global problems.

“The horrors of Nazis and communists happened because some Western states in continental Europe abandoned that Christian values, and today’s progressives are planning to do the same. They want to give up on Western values and create a new world, a post-Western world. Who is going to stop them if we don’t?” he asked.

People are mad about this.

Certain people feel scared about whites from Eastern Europe uniting with whites from Texas against “globalism.”

We’re talking about “globalists” being afraid here, right.