Vietnam Moves to Legalize Trannies and Normal Faggots

This is what happens when you move away from China and move towards America.

You think it’s all about fishing rights and sticking it to your ancient blood enemies – then all of a sudden, you’re saying that being a faggot isn’t a mental illness.

The Guardian:

Being gay, bisexual or transgender should not be considered an illness and cannot be treated, the Vietnam government has announced in “a huge paradigm shift” in LGBTQ+ rights in the country.

The Ministry of Health said medical professionals should treat LGBTQ+ people with respect and ensure they are not discriminated against.

In an announcement sent to provincial and municipal health departments earlier this month, and posted on the government website, the ministry said being LGBTQ+ “is entirely not an illness” so it “cannot be ‘cured’ nor need[s] to be ‘cured’ and cannot be converted in any way”.

It said that medics should not “interfere nor force treatment” on LGBTQ+ patients. If any support is needed, “it must be in the form of psychological assistance and performed only by those who have the knowledge of sexual identity”, said the ministry.

The breakthrough follow years of campaigning by LGBTQ+ rights groups. In November, the Leave with Pride campaign from the Institute for Studies of Society, Economy, and Environment (iSEE) petitioned the World Health Organization in Vietnam to affirm that being gay is not a disease. In a video, the iSEE posed the question: If queerness is a disease, shouldn’t LGBT+ Vietnamese be able to get sick leave?

In April, the WHO’s representative in Vietnam, Kidong Park, issued a statement confirming that any attempt to change the sexual orientation of LGBTQ+ people “lacks medical basis and is unacceptable”.

“We cannot overstate how big a fix this announcement is,” said Kyle Knight, a senior researcher of health and LGBTQ+ rights at Human Rights Watch. “While attitudes won’t change overnight, this marks a huge paradigm shift. As the most trusted source of medical authority in Vietnam, the impact on social perceptions of queerness will be enormous.

Being a faggot was de jure illegal in Vietnam since forever. It was one of these Asian type laws that is only vaguely enforced, or really not enforced at all, but it was illegal technically.

The only reason they would start coming out and saying “oh actually, we like faggots” is that they are being pressured by the United States, like every country is being pressured by the United States to go full faggot.

A couple of Asian countries see China dominating the region economically, and decide they want to align with the US. What they don’t understand, apparently, is that the US will dominate you socially, and demand that “our values” be enforced by law.

Is it worth it?

Vietnamese people are Chinese. Their main religion is not Buddhism or French Catholicism, but whatever you call the Chinese ancestor religion. Vietnamese people are visibly Chinese, and their language is part of that language group. Probably, the Southern Chinese slowly moved south and pushed out the Laotian/Cambodian/Thai type people who lived in that area (they are a different ethnolinguistic group), and then started wanting independence. Several wars were fought between China and Vietnam. China no longer claims Vietnam, and hasn’t in hundreds of years, but Vietnamese people still hate them.

There is zero reason for them to take such an issue with China that they are willing to let the Americans come in and turn their sons into trannies. This just isn’t logical.

Coming soon to Vietnam