Vienna Rejects Calls to Remove Statue of Anti-Semitic Mayor!

Austria has never been as faggotized as Germany, but I can and do take this as a sign things are finally swinging back in the right direction.

There is no way anyone Adolf Hitler admired could have made it through 2020 if some white bitch or mulatto kwain had noticed him.


Vienna has rejected calls to remove a statue of former city Mayor Karl Lueger, whose populist politics were said to have inspired Adolf Hitler, with the incumbent mayor favoring the process of artistic contextualization.

On Sunday, the Vienna government said that a two-year program would be launched to re-contextualize a towering statue of former Mayor Karl Lueger. How the statue will look after the contextualization remains to be seen, as a consultation and tender is yet to be launched.

The decision to retain the statue of Lueger, who controlled the Austrian capital from 1897 to 1910, followed discussions with various city stakeholders about how to deal with the mayor’s controversial legacy.

Current Mayor Michael Ludwig expects the project won’t be concluded until 2023, noting that a tender will be launched for the statue’s future appearance. He said the winning project will be awarded a prize by a “top-class” jury. No budget has been assigned for the project, and it is unclear whether the tender will be open or solely for invited competitors.

Labeled the ‘king of Vienna’, Lueger rallied people against Jews, describing them as the “people who murdered God” and “expropriators of the native population.” Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who spent three years in the Austrian capital while Lueger was in charge, described the mayor as “the most terrific German mayor of all time” in his autobiographical manifesto ‘Mein Kampf’.

Jews will never argue with facts. All they do is call people names.

They can try to say that the New Testament and all of the other accounts of Christ’s life and death are fake – though that really hasn’t gone very well previously, and people who denied the existence of Christ have ended up looking stupid and Jewish.

But denying that they are “expropriators of the native population”? It would be utterly absurd. Everyone who knows anything about the Jews knows that they do not produce anything other than pornography, addiction, and psychosis – and they also know that Jews consistently, across the world, maintain the position of the single most wealthy group.

In a legitimate society, no single person who did not produce anything of value could become wealthy – save through inheritance. No, I’m not talking about communism or socialism or any of this other gay shit. I’m saying that a serious country would structure its economy in a way that made it impossible for people who offer nothing to society to be wealthy. You don’t really have to be super creative to imagine some simple rules that could be put in place to prevent usury, excessive financial speculation, monopolism, and other Jewish tricks, without harming the ability of hardworking men to amass wealth honestly.

It’s absolutely diabolical that communists, who have now become the mainstream of the Democrat Party, are never forced by anyone to acknowledge that there is a stark difference between George Soros and Henry Ford – far beyond the fact that one is a Jew and the other was a prominent anti-Semite. Most people who lean left would agree that there has to be a market and there has to be a way for people who are uniquely productive to end up with unique rewards. As we all know, communism leads to more wealth disparity than a free market, and the people who rise to the top under communism are the same sorts of parasites that rise to the top in a modern “capitalist” society.

Just as disease cannot live in a healthy body, Jews cannot live in a healthy society. We are a society without God, so it doesn’t matter if we are communist or “capitalist,” the same foul spirts will rule over us. In fact, all of these communists – AOC, Vaush, Hasan Piker – are 100% on the same page ideologically as George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Fink. Antifa literally went out and shot someone for disagreeing with Bill Gates’ vax agenda.

On some level, the modern Democrat Party is so absurd that it is embarrassing to even try to seriously analyze what they are saying at all. However, if you want to say anything beyond “these people are just liars and the whole thing is a dumb hoax,” it is worth pointing out that their alliance with the totality of the Western power elite is not simply a marriage of convenience. These people share a value system, which is elitist. It is opposed to normal people and to the order of nature.

In fact, if you go and look at any of the fat scumbags from the Alt-Right who converted to communism in 2018, and then went on to promote feminism, the coronavirus hoax, and vaccines, you will find that they share the same disdain for normal people. They have no interest in guns or hunting, they know nothing about trucks or fixing motorcycles. They believe that atheism is enlightenment, rather than a form of being lower than than that of any insect or crustacean. They are urban, and have no conception of collective identity, so instead revert to “white identity” in the same way that communists revert to “class identity.” No self-identifying communist is actually working class, and no Alt-Right neo-Nazi has any connection to white identity. If you ask them what “white identity” is, they will start talking about Roman architecture and astronauts – before going on to attack guns, Jesus, and America.

How much influence does Roman architecture, classical music, or astronauts have on your life? You may be someone who likes one or all of those things, but would you consider them fundamental aspects of your personal or collective identity? Obviously not. This is ridiculous and embarrassing. It is as repulsive as the rich Jewish trannies from Antifa talking about “class warfare.”

And of course neo-Nazis love engaging with Antifa, because they are both doing the same thing: putting on a charade to try to fabricate real human purpose, to the benefit of no one other than themselves and the federal police services.

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Real Nazis, and the populists like Mayor Karl Lueger who preceded them, understood all of this on a profound level. Even if people disagree with some of the things Adolf Hitler did, it must be acknowledged that he was a remarkable human being, and a soldier of Christ, who fought for something much deeper than the superficial trappings of identity that are promoted by the entirety of the modern performance politics industrial complex.

Modern man is empty inside, and the tearing down of statues is a manifestation of the anger they feel at people who experienced actual meaning. A decision to not take down a statue, and instead try to analyze what the man represented stood for, to analyze why people supported him, can only lead to enlightenment.

The people who rule us do not want us thinking, which is why there is never any discussion of anything. They simply give orders, and will call you evil if you disagree with them. All of this is so shallow that it can be deconstructed without any serious intellect by merely asking simple, straightforward questions about what the goals of this system actually are.