Vaxed to the Max and Ready to Fight Back: Justin Bieber Goes Full-Hitler

As it should be, Justin Bieber has gone full-Hitler.

As is to be expected, the Jews do not take kindly to it.

It shouldn’t be any surprise.

Justin and his wife are both vaxed to the max and have both suffered serious consequences as a result. He developed facial paralysis and his wife had a stroke.

People kept saying “quit being a wiseguy, Justin!” and then he just snapped.

He’s living on borrowed time, and pretty much definitely won’t be able to reproduce without some kind of super-science intervening.

Bieber, having been hounded his whole life by Jews in the music industry, no doubt figured out that it was the Jews that vaxed him up and now he’s on a revenge mission.

The Nazi salute and goosestep Nazi dance was performed in Finland, which is a smart place to launch a global Nazi revolution. When I read that Bieber chose that spot to launch his genocidal mission, I tipped my hat to him. Pure genius.

Bieber is thinking: “Vax gave me a broken cock, my life is a ticking clock, let’s see how many kikes I can knock off the block before me heart stops.”

I give my full support.