Uvalde Shooting: Illegal Immigration is Partly to Blame, Report Says

I’m not even going to blame illegal immigration for this, and I hate Mexicans more than anything. Well, frankly, I hate Jews, women, homosexuals, trannies, and black people a lot more than I hate Mexicans. Mexicans are pretty low on my list.

But still, I would blame anything on illegal immigration, just on principle.

But we now know there were 400 legionaries outside the school, all just standing around. I don’t even like Mexicans, but if a bunch of Mexican kids were getting shot and I was one of 400 guys standing around, I’d be like “screw this, I’m going in and saving these kids.”

But none of 400 thought that? Even among cops, which are the scum of the earth, surely 1 of 400 would say “okay well, I’m gonna go ahead and save these children from getting murdered.”

It’s not believable. Someone was ordering a stand-down because they wanted as many kids as possible to die. They wanted the gunman to run out of ammo.

New York Post:

The US border crisis helped create lax security at the Uvalde school where 19 fourth-graders and two teachers were slaughtered, an explosive Texas report shows.

State lawmakers who investigated the horrific mass shooting noted in their findings a major problem plaguing Texas border towns as law enforcement increasingly spot vehicles suspected of human smuggling — and said the situation contributed to “relaxed vigilance” at the school during the May attack.

The report explained that when authorities try to pull a suspicious vehicle over, the driver often refuses to stop and speeds away, a dangerous occurrence that frequently ends in a crash and the operator and his passengers abandoning, or “bailing out,” of the car.

Such “bailouts” in Uvalde routinely trigger security alerts for local schools including Robb Elementary. But since the alerts usually don’t amount to danger for the school, they end up being treated a little like the boy who cried wolf, the pols’ report said.

One of the factors “contributing to relaxed vigilance [at Robb Elementary] was the frequency of security alerts and campus lockdowns resulting from a recent rise of ‘bailouts,’” the report said.

“The frequency of these ‘bailout’-related alarms — around 50 of them between February and May of 2022 — contributed to a diminished sense of vigilance about responding to security alerts,” the probe’s findings said.

In the minutes before the Uvalde school massacre, 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos stole his grandmother’s truck after shooting her in the face.

Ramos, who did not have a driver’s license, wrecked the truck near Robb Elementary, got out of the car and began shooting at his alma mater before easily strolling into the building and killing his innocent victims.

The belief by some authorities that Ramos’s crash was simply another bailout may have slowed the police response, the report said.

What do they mean “slowed the police response”? The problem wasn’t that they didn’t get there in time. Officers were in the hallways for about an hour, using hand sanitizer while the kids screamed.

Blaming illegal immigration is just yet another distraction from the fact that this was some kind of CIA black-op.

Frankly, even all of the coverage of this is designed to cover up the Buffalo shooting, where the media admits there was a “retired” federal agent as one of 5 people in the shooter’s Discord. Also, one of those 5 people told the shooter how to do the shooting. He’s referred to as “Saint Sandman” in the shooter’s “manifesto.”

So, if it’s just random, there is a 20% chance the “retired” federal agent was the guy who planned the shooting. At the very least, the confirmed federal agent was aware that someone else in the Discord was helping the Buffalo shooter plan the shooting, and didn’t inform the cops.

More than likely, all of the members of the Discord were cops. These people are everywhere, especially after January 6. The entire internet is filled with federal agents trying to get mentally unstable young men to do mass shootings.

Everyone on the right-wing internet knows this. We all know it. It’s very obvious. There is a very clear pattern of behavior. I don’t even have open registration on my forum, specifically because it gets flooded with these FBI agents telling people to do terrorism (and one of them showed up with an old account reactivated yesterday). They all start talking about paganism and how “violence is the only solution,” then they start trying to isolate disturbed teenagers with single mothers (or at least absent fathers) in private Discord chats.

Why was no one from the Discord of the Buffalo shooter arrested, or even questioned? Why is that not the top story instead of the Mexican? They are always talking about white supremacy.

Frankly, this Mexican school shooting seems to have been triggered specifically to draw attention away from the Buffalo shooting, even though “white supremacy terrorism” is the number one thing the media is obsessed with.