Utah School Places Teacher on Leave for Expressing Anti-White Views

The Mormons might have a little bit more fight in them than the evangelicals. At least the Mormons have successfully transferred their religion on to their children, whereas the evangelicals completely failed to do that.

Evangelical Christianity didn’t really have any values beyond “worship Jews,” and they taught stupid things. They were also not offering anything of value. They couldn’t even keep marriages together, and if you can’t do that, you are a totally worthless religion. You could easily just excommunicate any divorced woman, and put the divorce rate down to a fraction of what it was, but boomer evangelicals refused.

Mormons are going vaginal, they’re going anal, but it’s taking longer.

The Post Millennial:

The fourth grade Salt Lake City, Utah teacher who posted a video on social media in August bragging about how her classroom was “built for non-white students” has been placed on administrative leave.

Spokesman for the Granite School District, Ben Horsley, released a statement and said the teacher’s comments were “very disconcerting and she has been placed on leave while the district investigates the matter,” local news reports.

The unnamed teacher, sporting dyed red hair, taught at William Penn Elementary within the Granite School District and originally posted her video on social media.

“For the first time in my life,” she said, “I’m going to be teaching at a majority-white school and I’m kind of interested to see how students and parents react to my classroom, or if they even notice anything about it, because it’s built for non-white students.”

The teacher added that she had made an effort to limit representation of white kids in the materials she presents to students, which extended into coloring books where “not a single one with a person on it depicts a white person or character.”

The maroon maned educator also said that literature was “kind of dominated by straight, CIS white men” but her library “is overpowered now from all the books that I’ve been purchasing to add on to my library that depict a lot of diverse peoples, whether that’s people of color, or have like books or nonbinary, trans, otherwise LGBTQ characters.”

“I feel like some parents might have something to say about that,” she concluded, citing her “experience with posh, white parents.”

No final decisions have been made and she is on paid leave.

It will be interesting to see the final decision, as that will be a barometer as to just how cucked these Mormons are now.

By the way, I don’t exactly endorse Mormonism. I’m just saying that as an objective matter, they ran their religion better than the evangelicals did. That’s just an observable fact of sociology, outside of anything relating to the doctrines and dogmas of either religion.

The Mormons are also doing better than American Catholics, frankly.

But the Mormons are not holding up.

The only religious group in America that is holding up is the Amish, for the obvious reason that their women don’t have access to the internet.