US Trying to Limit Chip Shipments to China

Joe Biden’s Minister of Computer Chips pictured trying to stop the Chinese from getting any more computer chips. Sad!

So, Taiwan is the place where like, most chips are produced. I don’t know the exact numbers in total, and how they are allocated, but we’re talking something like 80% of those chips you want – the Nvidia chips and so on.

It seems like trying to block China from importing chips would be a provocation, to try to get China to invade Taiwan and take control of the chip manufacturers.



Washington has imposed restrictions on the sale of certain high-tech computer chips to Russia and China, a number of US media outlets reported on Thursday, citing two major US chipmakers, Nvidia and AMD.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new limits affect graphics processing unit chips, or GPUs, originally developed for video games but quickly taken up by companies operating supercomputers, and scientists and tech firms that need them for recognizing speech and objects in photographs.

Washington says US chip producers will now require special export licenses to sell these types of chips as, due to their specifications, they can be used by Russia and China for weapons development and intelligence gathering.

Nvidia and AMD acknowledged the new restrictions in statements on Wednesday. While AMD said it’s unlikely that the ban will affect its business, Nvidia warned that it could interfere with the development of its new flagship chip. Both companies’ shares dropped following the news late Wednesday.

According to New York Times sources, a number of other companies that make chips or design computer software have received requests from the US authorities in recent weeks to stop exporting their high-end technologies to China and Russia.

I think the US is trying to provoke an invasion of Taiwan.

But the thing is: they provoked an invasion of the Ukraine and that didn’t really work out very well at all.

I don’t think “the US is trying to provoke us to invade” is a reason not to invade.

Taiwan has no supply lines from the West and they have no neo-Nazi and Jewish population to resist an invasion. All they have is the gays, which can be easily crushed.

This is bait.

But it’s very delicious bait, no?

I mean, I don’t want to advise the Chinese government, but I support them in general.

Frankly, I support anyone opposed to the Anal Empire, on principle.

I believe in Sino-Friendship truly, and I believe that the Chinese would be much better rulers of the world that these sickening Jews.

You know how the Brandon people keep talking about “our values”?

Well, I don’t know about you, but my values are that Sino-Friendship is real.

Joe Brandon, who is a retard controlled by Jews, has different values, which are anti-Sino-Friendship.

I don’t make friends with non-Sino Friends, which is why I never answer Joe Biden’s messages on WhatsApp.

Protip: Anyone who talks against the Chinese is a faggot who supports child trannies. If they were not a literal child sodomizer, they would be talking about the Jews who run our government – not the Chinese.

Any Republican who says that Chinese are a problem for America supports Joe Brandon and the global Anal Empire. If they didn’t support Brandon, they wouldn’t agree with him and they would not have time to talk about anything other than Brandon’s gay child sex agenda.

The Chinese might talk too loud or spit in elevators, but Emperor Xi is teaching them not to do that, and they are our only friends in this hellish place called Earth.

Up Chinese communism.

I defend it 100% against these disgusting child anus attacks from Brandon and his Jews.