US Soldier Gets SWOOPED on by FBI Informant for Planned Bombing of Journos

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2019

I’m going to have to give a firm disavow/10 on this one, fellas.


A US soldier arrested for sharing information on how to build bombs also allegedly planned to travel to Ukraine to fight with the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, and plotted to bomb a major American news network, according to the FBI.

Jarrett William Smith, a soldier stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas, has been arrested after unwittingly sharing bomb-making instructions with an FBI informant. The private first class is charged with one count of “distributing information related to explosives and weapons of mass destruction,” according to charging documents released Monday.

First of all, the war is pretty much over in the Ukraine.

They do this “leap-frogging” back and forth game where they try and seize a few meters of land in the DMZ that goes back and forth and lob shells at the commie blocks occasionally, but that’s about it.

Oh, and some occasional sabotage.

I don’t even think that they take volunteers anymore.

Either way, I’m starting to get the impression that this guy didn’t really think things through.

Smith reportedly planned to travel to Ukraine to fight alongside the far-right Azov Battalion and also talked about a plot to blow up the headquarters of an American news network with “a large vehicle bomb” in his conversations with the informant.

“Fill a vehicle full of [explosives] then fill a ping pong ball with [commonly available chemical] via drilling then injection. Put the ball in the tank of the vehicle and leave. 30 minutes later, BOOM,” Smith allegedly told the informant in an online chat group, where he said he was looking to meet more “radicals” like himself. He also floated other violent possibilities – including killing members of Antifa or Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, and blowing up a cell phone tower.


At least it wasn’t a Walmart, I guess.

Smith reportedly admitted that he provided his online contacts with instructions on how to build bombs when he was arrested on Saturday. “I got knowledge of IEDs [improvised explosive devices] for days,” he said in a Facebook group chat. “We can make cell phone IEDs in the style of the Afghans. I can teach you that.” He also allegedly provided “very specific instructions” for building bombs out of household chemicals and devices, which an FBI bomb technician confirmed were viable.

He apparently decided to incriminate himself upon his arrest and give the names of the people that he sent those bomb-making materials to over FUCKING FACEBOOK of all places.

Not smart.

There is a reason that we talk so much about “fed-posting” – because the feds are real and certain types of posting attracts them like flies to shit, which is why you should avoid doing it.

In general, I don’t understand why people feel the urge to talk to randos on the Internet about their plans to commit acts of terror.

It is very difficult for me to put myself in their shoes, which is why I am inclined to believe that they are all glow-niggers.

But dumb people do exist, I guess. Or maybe these people just need to blow off steam somehow. Either way, by the time someone decides to start fed-posting, they’re certain to do the time without even doing the crime, and the people around them suffer because of their misplaced machismo.

All this is to say that low-IQ rage-posting on social media isn’t the path to victory.

There is a better way, fam.