US Sends $270 Million in Military Equipment to the Ukraine, Vows Eternal Support

Meanwhile, in America…

They just keep sending all of this money. Whenever the Ukraine is about to collapse, they send more money to keep it from collapsing.


The White House on Friday announced another $270 million worth of US “security assistance” to Ukraine. The newest batch of supplies will include four HIMARS rocket artillery launchers, a large quantity of ammunition, as well as hundreds of ‘Phoenix Ghost’ suicide drones, AP reported citing National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

In addition to four more High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and an unspecified number of GLMRS rockets for them, the aid package includes up to 580 drones and 36,000 rounds of artillery ammunition for the M777 towed howitzers already supplied to Kiev by the Pentagon.

President Joe Biden “has been clear that we’re going to continue to support the government of Ukraine and its people for as long as it takes,” Kirby told AP. Biden is currently being treated for Covid-19 and isolating at the White House.

With this latest batch of weapons and equipment, the Biden administration will have spent a total of $8.2 billion on arming Ukraine. The funds are drawn from the $40 billion package approved by Congress in May.

So they built this $40 billion fund, and they just send bits here and there whenever the Ukraine is on the brink.

They can’t send it all at once, because the Jews will just steal it.

They don’t have enough weapons to keep sending, either. The US is now completely draining its own military in order to arm the Ukraine military.

The funniest part is that a lot of the stuff getting sent to the Ukraine can’t be manufactured without Chinese parts. I haven’t gone into the details of all of that, and you would think that the “necessary” weapons would all be 100% made in the US, or at least like, Germany.

You would think that. But you would think a lot of things.

Some of this is going to be classified information. But all the way back in 2013, before the rise of Emperor Xi, people were complaining about Chinese sourcing of critical weapons parts.

That article says the propellant for hellfire missiles was made in China. Well, what about the propellant for HIMARS???

Then, in 2018, the situation was apparently much worse, and the Pentagon itself published a paper claiming basically that without Chinese imports, the US military would stop functioning.

I think it is relatively unlikely that China is going to continue to supply the US/NATO with weapons parts now that NATO has officially declared China to be an enemy of US/NATO.

So, probably, if I were these people, I would not be draining weapons to just get blown up – or captured – by Russia. If I was working at the Pentagon or the State Department, I would be like “hey, yo – hol up.”

But hey – whatever.