US is Performing the Weirdness on the Global Stage – Will It Work?

Check this headline – the top headline – on Google News right now:

The US is sending weapons, while the Europeans are calling for some kind of diplomacy.

As we reported last week, the US State Department came out and basically declared that they don’t want any form of diplomacy, they just want to keep shoving Ukrainian bodies into a meat grinder in order to stretch out the length of time it takes for Russia to take the country.

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This is the kind of insanity that political dissidents in America are used to at this point. But now these same techniques of lunacy are being employed against a foreign country. Every Russian is being treated like a Charlottesville or 1/6 attendee, and there is no discussion of any type of practical solution, just as there was no discussion as to why white people and Trump supporters generally feel so disenfranchised in America.

The solution to dissidence in the West was censorship and sanction, rather than any kind of discussion about the actual issues – and that’s basically worked pretty well for them on the domestic front.

But now these same brutal policies are being displayed on the world stage, and it probably isn’t going to work out very well.

Unfortunately for these people running the American government, shutting down someone’s bank account because they have political views you don’t like is not the same thing as shutting down a massive country’s ability to engage in international trade because they are engaged in a border dispute you don’t like.

We saw that Joe Biden was last week denied calls by Gulf countries.

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Moreover, it’s not just China that is refusing to get on-board with the Western war agenda in the Ukraine. India is refusing to take a stand on it. India is a third world country, but it’s in the top five biggest economies in the world. A supposedly reliable US ally, they refused to vote at the UN on the alleged crisis in the Ukraine.

Much of the third world is going to end up starving because of the way the US is manipulating global markets, ostensibly out of moral outrage over the Ukraine.

What is happening is that the US has effectively become a rogue state, acting unilaterally in a universally destructive way in order to push what they are framing as a purely emotional agenda. Anyone with half a brain can see that it simply is not viable to allow a country that is this reckless and unhinged to be the dominant player on the world stage.

It was easy enough to get a bunch of pampered morons to seal-clap on social media as the basic rights and freedoms that we were all taught to believe could not be infringed were stripped from Americans who disagreed with the government. The current regime appears to believe that they can totally abandon the rules of the international global order in the same way they abandoned the US Constitution, and get the same level of pushback (which was effectively zero in the former situation).

I don’t really think this is going to work at all.

We appear to be witnessing a massive global transformation in which the US loses its place at the top of the world stage, and is pretty rapidly succeeded by China, which is pushing hard for the concept of a global order based on the rule of law and the rights of nations to control their own internal affairs.

Winning on Twitter does not equate to winning at geopolitics – especially when you consider that they cheated to win on Twitter, using mass censorship. If the whole world was American domestic politics, then China, India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Pakistan, and every other country that is refusing to go along with this agenda would be declared extremists and be censored and have their bank accounts frozen, maybe be sued or arrested and locked in solitary confinement awaiting trial.

This attempt to translate the domestic policy that has developed in the United States since the election of Donald Trump to the international stage is wild and wacky, and reeks of utterly out-of-touch hubris. Just try to imagine sending Kamala Harris to Europe to push this agenda.

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This is an absolute shitshow.

Obviously, the Europeans are still on board with the US, because they are all effectively vassal states of the American Evil Empire of Vagino-Analism. But even still, they are calling for diplomatic solutions in the face of the United States calling for the most destruction possible, while establishing new and bizarre precedents for the way they claim to be allowed to behave on the world stage.

The US may still be the tallest, strongest guy in the bar, but if the tallest and strongest guy in the bar just starts wrecking the place, running around punching people in the face and lighting the furniture on fire, eventually the rest of the people at the bar are going to gang up on him and tackle him.

Foreign states are not emotionally unstable social media posters. They are able to look at the fact that the US threw a revolution in the Ukraine, and then started purposefully agitating Russia by installing a shill president who was talking about placing nuclear weapons on Russia’s border.

What we are watching now is the beginning of the end of the empire.