US-Backed Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Bombing Russian Embassy in Kabul

ISIS is a terrorist group that was armed and trained by the US and Israeli governments for the purpose of overthrowing Bashir Assad in Syria, and then for the purpose of creating general chaos in the Middle East.

They are currently running amok in Afghanistan, where the local population was able to beat back the US military.


Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) has claimed responsibility for Monday’s suicide bombing in Kabul. The blast occurred not far from the entrance to the Russian embassy in the Afghan capital and killed 25 people, including two embassy staff members.

The terrorist group claimed that the attack was carried out by a foreign fighter. According to some reports, the attack was launched by a local Islamic State offshoot, ISIS-K.

It is the first attack on a diplomatic mission in Afghanistan claimed by ISIS since the 2021 Taliban takeover. Earlier, the Russian Investigative Committee confirmed that an assistant secretary and a security guard – both Russian nationals – were killed in the blast.

According to media reports, most victims were Afghans queuing for visas. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that security at the mission was enhanced in the wake of the attack. The killed embassy staffers were also mourned with a minute of silence during Lavrov’s talks with his Tajik counterpart Sirojiddin Muhriddin in Moscow.

How is the US able to claim they are the moral authority while they are sending their terrorists to murder everyone?

Most people agree that terrorist attacks are not moral, but the US goes around the world funding all different sorts of terrorist groups, and then goes out and claims to be the total moral authority not only on earth, but in the entire universe.

The US will vaguely claim that they are not responsible for everything ISIS does, despite admitting to training them, arming them, and sending them money for years. Hillary Clinton campaigned in 2016 on shooting down Russian jets over Syria to protect ISIS terrorists and enable them to overthrow the Syrian government – so it wasn’t ever a secret. Many Congressional meetings were held.

But they will be like “yeah, we don’t tell them to now, they just attack our enemies of their own volition. We hired them to attack Assad and the Russians, but then they started attacking our other enemies, such as the Taliban, but we didn’t tell them to do that, they just don’t like enemies of the US government.”

The US government is just a gay version of Cobra.