Unfunny Rat-Scum Gavin McInnes Admits to Hoaxing FBI Arrest

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Gavin McInnes – who is really cute and silly, despite being nearly 70 years old – has confessed to hoaxing his arrest by the FBI. The rat scum called in from France, where he is vacationing, and talked to some Mexican guy. You can watch the above videos. I don’t recommend it, because it sucks.

Gavin McInnes has never been funny. He has always been like someone’s dad who wants to hang out with teenagers and act cool. The only reason he was ever famous at all was that he was persistent. He just kept posting his trash on the internet, and apparently someone was comforted by it in some way and sat and watched it. Watching his call where he explains that it was a “prank” that he’d been arrested, I was appalled by the lack of funniness and disgusted by the black woman.

I am also disgusted and appalled by this “prank,” which does not have a punchline.

McInnes claims he did this because he wanted media attention, then claims he got media attention. I don’t think he got much media attention – but he will.

Aside from this not being funny at all (there is literally no joke), this is going to make it easier for the media to shill for the government. In the future, the feds are going to have people disappear, and the media will say: “this is like that Gavin McInnes hoax.” I would go so far as to suggest that the feds told him to do this – though he’s saying he did it for media attention, and he is enough of a failed nonentity that he could well be just acting out in a tantrum.

Gavin McInnes is a moron and a pathetic loser who feels like people should be paying attention to him. The reason no one pays attention to him is that he sucks and he isn’t funny.

I’m not going to forget this. Gavin got his media attention, and he will now pay for that by having a lot more enemies. He is helping the feds, whether the feds told him to do it or he is just so inadequate that he needs that attention.

I’ve hated this fat drunk for years. Nothing he has ever done was funny.

You know why he has that stupid beard, aside from the fact he’s fat? Well, let me show you:

He’s got a worm face.

This guy stuck a dildo up his ass on his stream.

He says people are angry at him for this hoax – well, people are going to stay mad.

Trump is raided, Brandon gives the Bloody Thursday speech, and this asshole thinks it’s all fun and games.

If he’s not already working with the feds, he’s going to end up in a boy wolf-sheep position here, where no one gives a shit when he gets swooped, and everyone thinks he’s lying again.

To be clear: I don’t think the problem is that he made people worry about him. The problem is firstly that it wasn’t funny, and secondly that he is trivializing the fact that the feds are coming down hard on America, and making their job easier for them.

Gavin McInnes hates America and he should be deported back to Canada to face the charges for terrorism. He’s not from this country, and he hates America. This country owes him nothing.