Understanding the True Nature of the Illuminati Agenda Behind the War with Russia

I can’t keep quiet anymore. As we reach the final hour of the Illuminati’s plan to enslave humanity through divide and conquer, I must reveal what I know about the Jesuit agenda. I’ve kept this back, pretending to blame the Jews, because I knew that if I told the whole truth, I would be targeted for assassination by the Jesuits.

But the hour has gotten too late, and now it is time to reveal the truth.

The Ukraine conflict has been faked by the globalists and the Illuminati in order to divide and conquer the masses. However, many people have considerable trouble understanding the secret mechanism through which the West, China, and Russia are all controlled by the same group of people, and are therefore able to stage a massive geopolitical conflict in order to confuse people on the internet.

In order to understand this secret mechanism of control, we must go back to ancient history and the Babylonian Mystery Schools, which continue to exist all over the world in Masonic lodges. To really make sense of what is happening on earth, we must stop talking about Jews, and focus on the real culprit: interdimensional reptile creatures, who have controlled every civilization in history in order to suck out our lifeforces.

These reptile creatures are behind the satanic ritual abuse of children, and also responsible for faking all wars to confuse people. That’s why it’s important to understand the game, so you don’t get sucked into their illusion that there is a difference between Russia and America. After all, they are both run out of the Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum, which are Freemasonic groups devoted to sucking your lifeforce.

But the real connection between these power elites comes from the Jesuits. The Jesuits were established as a front for the Babylonian Mystery schools, and then moved to link together all of the various elites, who were already a part of the ancient bloodlines of Babylonian mysteries.

The Jesuits have long controlled China, after having used the British East India Company to hook up with the elite of China, who were also part of the ancient system of bloodlines that go back thousands of years. Why did you think the symbol of China is a dragon?

That represents the true rulers, which are alien reptile creatures. The Chinese were also linked to the greys.

The Jesuits knew that people were getting wise to their Covid scam, because of the Canadian truckers. That’s when the Jesuit general of Russia, who operates out of Gazprom, sent the message to Putin, via a WEF communication, that it was time to invade the Ukraine.

This is caused to divide you. The Jesuits allow for Russia and China to be against gays and to preserve the traditional family, so that people on the internet will see that and not realize that they are all reading out of the same playbook – the Freemasonic doctrine of Albert Pike, and his secret letter of a plan for three world wars to divide the people in order to unite them for a one world order.

That’s why we have to wake up to the fact that we are only being divided by the war in the Ukraine. If you support Russia, it’s really no different than supporting NATO, because they are two sides of the same ruble.

If Putin was not a member of the Jesuits and the Illuminati, why do you think he attended the World Economic Forum? Why would he ever talk to any other world leaders anywhere, unless he was in on the conspiracy? He even met with Henry Kissinger. Why would he meet with him, unless he was controlled by him?

What if I told you they were both Freemasons?

They are both connected to the ancient bloodlines, the secret bloodlines, which go back to the ancient mystery.

Of course, we will never actually see the true ancient bloodlines. They are too hidden. But we know they exist, because otherwise, why would Russia and the West have a fake war? Why would Putin agree to a fake, staged war, designed to divide and conquer, unless he was working for the same ancient bloodlines?

It’s time to wake up, folks.

This isn’t about Jews, or race. Some Jews are involved, just like every other race, but it is really about the ancient connections serving this secret bloodline.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Jordan Maxwell died this week? He was one of the only people alive who could have really explained to people the law of the sea treaty, and the fact that we live under maritime law: Jesuit maritime law, also known as Illuminati admiralty law (law of the sea).

Less than six months ago, Maxwell started a new website, where he was selling CD-ROMs showing the real truth of the banks of the river and the flow of the current – currency. Does that sound like something someone who was getting ready to die would do?

The ancient mystery was on the verge of coming to light, as people at the Canadian trucker protest were watching these CDs.

So, how did Jordan Maxwell, a very healthy man, die?

Maybe do your homework and learn about the CIA heart attack gun.

We gotta wake up, folks.

You think the Jesuits aren’t in on it? Why is “God” just “Dog” spelled backward? Because it’s the Dogma. The dogma of the law of the sea.

If you want to understand admiralty law, ask yourself why your name on your birth certificate is written in all capital letters. It’s because you are a corporation, created at birth, that you do not own. Why do you need a driver’s license to operate a car? You’re not driving anything, you’re just traveling. Under common law, you have a right to freely travel on the land. But because of your driver’s license having your name written in all capital letters, it is the license (LIE-sense) of a corporation owned by the state, which you work for. Therefore, a highway patrol man can stop you and issue a fine according to maritime law, because you are a driver, working for a corporation named after you, owned by the government.

If Putin isn’t involved directly with the Jesuits, then why does Russia issue driver’s licenses for travelers? Because they use the same law as America and the rest of the world: admiralty law, which overrides common law.

The Coneheads are in control, through the Jesuits.

The Coneheads are a whole other species, who are using these electromagnetic waves and HAARP, to continue to divide us.

Nanobots. Mind control. Beam weapons. Planet X. Alien ghosts.

Are you starting to understand why China and Russia would want to work with the WEF to stage a fake war in order to shut down Canadian truckers?

We gotta wake up, folks, and stop looking at distractions like “da jooos!!!” It’s not the Jews, it’s a mysterious hidden group that we know nothing about, organized through the Jesuits, trying to create a New World Order through Order Out of Chaos and dividing the masses by tricking people on the internet into thinking Russia isn’t bad. They control China and Russia just as much as they control America, and everything you are seeing is the alien agenda unfolding, where the whole world will be put under maritime law.

Russia, China and America are all allies, part of the same bloodlines going back to the Illuminati mystery schools of Babylon, and now their agenda is coming to the fore, as they create a fake war in order to confuse fringe internet posters.

They are only using this war to divide you.