Ukraine Maps Banned from Twitter After Posting About Disappearance of Coach Red Pill

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To be fair, all pro-Russian accounts on Twitter are being systematically deleted. You can’t even try to be neutral. If you post anything negative about the Ukrainian terrorist regime, you are banned.

They ban people slowly. It’s part of a strategy of demoralization. You can still find Ukrainian atrocities on Twitter, because it would just be too much to ban it all. There is just too much data about the brutality of the Ukrainians, and too much information exposing their hoaxes.

As we’ve written many times, part of the project is just to prevent information that contradicts the official narrative from appearing on the feeds of normies. This has made the search function useless, but if you know which accounts to follow, you can follow them for a while before they get deleted.

Ukraine Maps had already been banned at least once since the “war” started. But I do find it suspicious that this most recent ban came when it became the main account talking about the disappearance of Coach Red Pill AKA Gonzalo Lira.

The Coach disappeared last Friday, when he missed an appearance on George Galloway’s show.

The Ukraine has a policy of killing journalists in the field. The government of the Ukraine is actually incentivized to murder journalists and random people, because the media blames any deaths that happen in the country on Russians. When it becomes obvious that it is impossible that the Russians are responsible – for example, when a journalist is shot to death at a Ukrainian checkpoint – the media just stops talking about it.

A Fox News journalist had both his legs blown off by the Ukrainians, and you’d think he’d be upset enough about that to come out and say “the Russians didn’t do this.” But apparently not.

Coach was not operating in the field, but he was reporting on the brutality of the Zelensky terrorist regime on social media, and regularly appearing on TV. He claimed that he was a target of Ukrainian Jewish Nazis and intelligence services. He told stories about how he was escaping assassinations.

Ukraine Maps was one of the last people to claim to have spoken with Coach before his disappearance, and was compiling various reports coming in – including some reports that claimed Coach is dead.

No one in the West is bothered by journalists being murdered. Western media doesn’t even care that their own journalists who support the Zelenskyite terror machine have been killed and mutilated by the Ukrainians. So they’re not going to report at all on Coach Red Pill’s disappearance.

The only report on him that was in the Western media was a report in The Daily Beast, where they appeared to be trying to get him killed by the SBU (Ukrainian intelligence) by compiling information about his potential location. Why The Daily Beast would be laying out an assassination plan against Coach Red Pill is anyone’s guess – though I suspect the Hebrews are to blame.

I wish I had more information to offer, but right now, we really just don’t know. I don’t put much into the reports of his death, but it is becoming less and less likely that he is just without internet as the days go by. He always said “if you don’t hear from me for 12 hours, I’ve been killed or captured.” But of course, in warzones the internet does go out. There are reports of internet outages in Kharkov. There has also been some pretty heavy fighting there since Wednesday or Thursday. So it is possible that he is pinned down somewhere without electricity.

However: if there is fighting, that is a good opportunity for the Zelenskyites to assassinate him and make him look like a civilian casualty.

Frankly, from what we’ve seen of how the Ukrainians treat prisoners, he might be luckier if he was killed rather than captured. As Max Blumenthal points out, they’ve basically been killing everyone.

(It’s good that Max is tweeting about this – hopefully he’ll do a stream, and get this some more exposure.)

Killing a foreigner from the internet is a lot different than killing a local dissident, however. Typically, a normal country would arrest and deport a foreigner in this situation. But the Ukrainians are not only evil, they are unhinged. Murdering a foreigner who could just as easily have been arrested and deported is a very bad look for “Ukrainian values of our democracy.”

If it is confirmed that he’s dead, he is a kind of internet martyr. People have different views on CRP, he used to get in a lot of fights with various people on the internet. Nonetheless, he is adjacent to all internet right-wing material.

I hope he’s okay, but it is definitely looking like he’s not.

Lira is actually Chilean, and they are not involved in the sanctions regime, so it would sure be nice if they would send their ambassador to enquire as to what exactly has happened to this gentleman.

At the very least, the Chilean government should be obligated to give some kind of statement after he’s been missing for a week.

The Ukraine has been releasing satanic feminist propaganda about how they are ritually murdering people. The Chilean embassy should ask about this video, and ask if Coach Red Pill is part of their “Harvest of Blood.”