The Ukraine Claims Putin is a Clone (Seriously, the Top Intelligence Guy Said This)

Everyone would look at this story and say “this is like, Alex Jones type shit.”

I think it is in the genre of Alex Jones, actually, but Alex Jones has never gone full clone/body double.

New York Post:

Russian leader Vladimir Putin may have been replaced by a lookalike body double during a trip to Iran this week, a top Ukrainian intelligence official said.

The Russian president, who has long been rumored to be ailing with an illness and possibly cancer, appeared more alert and mobile than usual during his visit to Iran to meet with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ukrainian sources told The Sun.

Maj. Gen. Kyrylo O. Budanov told Ukrainian outlet 1+1 that Putin’s lively appearance during the visit was uncharacteristic, and suggested that the man seen in the footage wasn’t Putin.

“I will only hint,” Budanov said, according to the translation.

Please look at the moment of Putin’s exit from the plane. Is it Putin at all?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s Putin!

This stuff is just getting weird.

Leaders do have body doubles, typically. But they don’t go on diplomatic missions for them.

The CIA just said that rumors of Putin’s poor health are a hoax, and he’s actually “too healthy.”

The only reason he would send a body double on a diplomatic mission is if he had some serious health problem.

I am not even against putting “outside of the box” conspiracy theorists in charge of intelligence agencies. But it’s quite different to have someone in a classified meeting saying “Putin could have a body double” and to publicly announce that. Having your top intelligence people announce weird conspiracy theories makes you look like a joke country.

As far as I can see, he didn’t even say “Putin sent this clone because he’s sick” (although Ukies keep rumorizing that) – he just put it out there without any reason.